Eureka Medicare Supplement Plans in Humbolt County

Medicare Supplement plans in Eureka California and all of Humboldt County.

Eureka currently does not have any viable Medicare Advantage plans to compare with the available Medicare Supplement policies.

Most medicare members in Humboldt County will either choose a Medicare Supplement policy to help with their medical costs, or choose to stay on original medicare by itself, and add a medicare part D Rx plan.

Plan G, F & N

If you don’t want any out of pocket costs when seeing a doctor or hospital, a Plan F is the one to look at.  No deductibles, copays or percentages when receiving medical services.

If you don’t mind a small annual deductible ($233), then 100% coverage after, then the Plan G will fit your needs.  Another option is Plan N with an annual deductible of $203, then $20 copays for office and outpatient visits.

No networks to fuss with …

Take your Medicare card (red, white & blue card) along with your medicare supplement card to any doctor, specialist, medical facility or hospital in the U.S. who accepts medicare.  It’s like carrying a free-pass card.  Access to care throughout the U.S.  Across state lines or down the street, it’s up to you where you go for care.

Medicare and Medicare Supplement policies do not have doctor or hospital networks to navigate.  You can see any doctor, specialist, medical facility or hospital who accepts Medicare, that’s nearly 95% of all providers.

Do you want to seek care from a certain hospital or specialty medical center or specialist several states away?  If you have a medicare supplement policy in place all you have to do is make the appointment. Medicare and your medicare supplement policy will pay the same amounts as if you were down the street.

Prescription Plan

Medicare supplement policies do not include coverage for prescription drugs.  Medicare Part D plans are chosen to help cover prescription costs. You can compare the 30 Part D plans to choose from in Humbolt County by going to the Medicare website, or you can email your medication list to me and I’ll forward the comparison to you, which will show the top three plans for your current medications.

I do not sell the prescription plan but will help you with sorting through the 30 plans to find the best for your medications.

Call today .. I will help you choose the best medicare supplement and medicare part D plan for your unique needs.

Enroll in a new medicare supplement plan today and start saving.

Questions or more information call today.

John Conner

John Conner

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