Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates

The most popular Aetna Medicare Supplement plans are Plans F, G and N.  You can see the chart below for the benefit outline.

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An Aetna Medicare Supplement plans cover the Medicare deductibles that are going up in 2022 (Part A deductible $1,600) (Part B deductible $226).  Aetna plans are now in 32 states and offer; Plans F, G and N.

FYI … You can change Medicare Supplement companies anytime of the year.  Just answer the heath questions.  Why wait if you can start saving money today.

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Aetna Medicare Supplement plans will cover the deductibles, copays and coinsurance (depending on the plan you choose) which are not covered by original Medicare.  These plans allow you to see any physician, specialist or hospital in the United States who accept Medicare (nearly 95% of all providers).

The Aetna price range is typically very competitive depending on the State and Zip code where you live.  Remember, Medicare consists of four parts; A, B, C and D.

Part A covers Hospitalization, Part B covers outpatient services such as doctors and specialist visits, outpatient surgery and medical supplies (Part B services you are responsible for 20% of the allowable charge after the $226 deductible).  Part C are the Medicare Advantage plans which consist of mainly PPO and HMO plans.

They are very similar to an employer group health plan.  Lastly, Part D is the Medicare prescription plan which is administered by private insurance companies.

Every year Medicare Advantage and Part D members can change their current company or plan or purchase new plans during the “Open Enrollment Period” which is called the Annual Election Period (AEP).  This allows great flexibility for seniors wishing to change companies or plans because of changes made to their rates or benefits.

If you currently have a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan, and are unhappy with either the monthly rate, or the company providing your coverage, now is as good as any to look and compare Aetna Medicare Supplement plans and rates.

It is very easy to switch and enroll into a new company plan.  Some companies ask fewer health questions than others, so be sure to call so we can discuss the appropriate action for your unique needs.

Medicare A and B

Before a person can apply for an Aetna plan, or any other type of Medicare plan, they must first have in place both Medicare Parts A and B.  If you are new to Medicare Part B coverage, you have a 6 month window to choose and enroll in a Aetna Medicare Supplement plan when your Medicare Part B coverage starts.

If you apply during this six month window the approval is guaranteed regardless of your current health status.  This period is called the “Initial Coverage Period (ICP).  This is a fantastic benefit for seniors who are coming off of an individual or employer bases health insurance plan.

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Medicare Stops at the Border:

Travel Insurance – Medicare does NOT provide coverage outside the U.S.

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