Aetna Medicare Supplement 2023

Aetna Medicare Supplement plans and rates for 2023.  Also known as Medigap, the plans work side by side with Medicare.  It is not duel coverage, rather it compliments Medicare by covering the deductibles, gaps, and other out of pocket expenses Medicare does not pay for.  If you wish to enroll in an Aetna Medicare Supplement policy, you must first have Medicare

Part A and Part B.  Once you have these two parts, a Medigap policy is your next step.

Medicare Supplement:

Medicare Advantage:

WHY are Medicare Supplement plans popular?

  1. Freedom of choice. You can see any doctor or hospital in the U.S. who accepts Medicare.  If a person wants access to different doctors, specialists and hospitals, a Medicare Supplement provides that flexibility.
  2. Coverage. Most Medicare Supplement’s provide very comprehensive coverage. Plan F is 100%, Plan G is 100% after a small $226 deductible and Plan N has the $226 deductible and $20 copay.
  3. Very little change from year to year.  Medicare Supplement coverage and benefits rarely change from year to year.  Where Medicare Advantage plans tend to change benefits, deductibles, Rx coverage and doctor and hospital networks every year.

Aetna offers Medicare Supplement plans; A, B, F, G and N in most states.  All have different coverage levels and pricing.  The most popular being Plans F, G and N.  Feel free to contact me anytime, and I’ll compare the different Medicare Supplement companies in your area to find the best monthly rate and the plan which best fits your unique needs.  Remember, monthly rates do vary depending on your zip code and your age.  So it will benefit you to compare companies, plans and rates on an annual basis.


  • Plan F = 100% coverage.
  • Plan G = $226 deductible, then 100% coverage.
  • Plan N = $226 deductible, then $20 copay for outpatient visits.
  • All three provide 100% coverage for Inpatient Hospital services.

Guaranteed Acceptance … With our Aetna Medicare Supplement plans, your acceptance is guaranteed if you apply for coverage before, or within six months of, enrolling in Medicare Part B.  If you have been enrolled in Medicare Part B for more than six months, we’ll have to review your health history to see if you’re eligible for the plan you selected.

Some companies ask fewer “Health Questions” on their application than others … call me so we can discuss your options: 916-682-1117.

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30 Day Free Look Period .. You can simply cancel the policy and have your first months premium returned.

2023 Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO & HMO Plans

  • Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO & HMO plans.  Aetna is offering their Medicare Advantage plans in most of the Southern California Counties.  If you are looking for a PPO plan, Aetna is one of the few companies to choose from in 2023.

Call today … the enrollment process is easy.  I’ll walk you through it right over the phone.  If you would like me to send you the enrollment form, just let me know.

No Cost Help … there is no charge for my services.  The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help you with enrollment and service.