Anthem Innovative Medicare Supplement Plan F (Santa Clara County)

The Anthem Innovative Plan F Medicare Supplement in Santa Clara County has one of the best offers available of any Medicare Supplement Company. Vision and hearing benefits are included at no additional cost.

Anthem Medicare Supplement plans and rates along with surrounding areas of the South Bay are some of California’s most competitive Medigap rates.  You will also want to compare Blue Shield,  Health Net,  UnitedHealthcare and Health Net.

California Birthday Rule As a California resident and Medicare Supplement member you are allowed to switch to any company with the same plan or one with less benefits during the month of your birthday.  This option is unique to California residents only. The transfer can be a lateral move or a downgrade.  Upgrading your plan, you will need to answer any health questions on the new application.

So when you are close to your birthday month call me and I can send you a comparison of the best rated companies and plans for you to compare.  Or, you can visit this website to compare Medicare Supplement rates of the other carriers and if there is lower rate available, you may want to consider a move.

Medicare Part D Rx for Santa Clara County Residents Don’t forget the prescription plan, which is called the Medicare Part D Rx plan.  Offered through insurance companies, with typically over 30 plans in each county.  So you will need to compare the plans to make sure the one you choose fits your needs.

A good place to start is the Medicare website.  This site will show you all the available plans in your area.  Or, you can call me and I’ll cut through most of the info which doesn’t help you, to find the best plans for your medication list.

Premium Discounts …

  • New to Medicare discounts: $20 – $30 per month for the first year with Blue Shield, Anthem and Health Net.
  • Household discount also called the Spouse discount, if both are enrolled in the same plan and company:  5% – 12%.
  • Call today to make sure you are receiving all available discounts.

Medicare Advantage plans are typically HMO plans with a few PPO Advantage plans in Southern California.  Many have a $0 monthly premium which includes the Medicare Part D Rx plan at no additional cost to you.  The Annual Open-Enrollment is from October 15 to December 7.

Santa Clara county currently only has HMO Advantage plans available.

If you are strictly looking for a Medicare Supplement plan, they are all  Federally Standardized, which means each plan is identical with any other. For example if you are looking at Aetna’s Plan F, their medical benefits are identical benefits to any other available Plan F.

Medicare Open-Enrollment Dates

Anthem Innovative Plan F

Although Anthem has introduced an “Innovative Plan F” which is identical to the traditional Plan F, except the Innovative F includes Hearing and Vision benefits at no additional cost.  They have also lowered their Plan F rates across California.

The only difference will be the monthly premium and the company member service. How easy or difficult is it to work with any of these companies. Most provide very good service, and some are a little more difficult when making changes or requesting information.  Call me anytime and I’ll fill you in on which companies are the easiest to do business with, and which companies to stay away from.

Enrolling in a Medicare Supplement is EasyA simple enrollment form whether it is during an open enrollment or anytime during the year. Contact me anytime, and I’ll walk you through the process to make sure your new policy is issued accurately and the date you desire.

John Conner

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