John Conner

Northern California born and raised. I grew up in the bay area and now live in Sacramento CA with my wife and three kids.

I’ve been an independent medical insurance agent since 1995, helping individuals, families and employers with all aspects both domestic and international medical insurance.

Independence allows me freedom to choose only the companies I believe to be the most customer friendly, benefit rich and rate stable. If a company is not up to my standards you won’t see their information on this site.



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Medicare Plan Options
10425 Saddle Creek Dr
Sacramento Ca 95829
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phone – 916-682-1117
fax – 916-258-0296


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  1. John

    Hello Joel, what is your age and zip code and I’ll be happy to forward rate, coverage and plan information your way.

    The price is no different for you … the carriers pay me a fee for helping folks work through the different company and plan information, including enrollment.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks again … John Conner

  2. Joel

    Hello John. I really appreciate the information on your site.
    I’m also interested in specific advice based on my county and particular medical needs.
    How are you paid for your services?
    Thank you.

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