How Much does Medicare Part B Cost (2023)

Original Medicare consists of two Parts; Part A (hospital) and Part B (outpatient).  For most of us Medicare Part A does not have any premium, because we have been paying for it through our taxes over our working careers.

Part B on the other hand, has a premium we must pay for.  And the premiums are determined by your income.

Social Security looks back at your most recent tax return and to determine your monthly premium for the current year.  For example if 2020 is the most recent tax return, the premium would reflect your 2021 income. The Part B premium is adjusted annually if your income falls or raises and placed you in a new category.

See the 2023 income breakdown below:

Both Medicare Part A and B must be in place and active before you can enroll in any Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Rx plan.

Medicare Part A will automatically start when when you turn age 65.  Part B may not automatically start especially if you are on an employer health insurance plan or have decided to not take your social security benefits at the time of your 65th birthday.

Always check with Social Security and verify your Medicare start dates.  the earliest you can notify Social Security is 3 months prior to your 65th birthday.

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