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Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement2020 Anthem MediBlue Plus HMO plan in Sacramento County includes; the Medicare Part D Rx plan at no additional premium.  Also if you are interested in Dental and Vision coverage, Anthem offers a few optional plans to choose from.  See the chart towards the bottom of the page for more information.


  • Monthly Premium:  $0
  • Primary Care Visit:  $10
  • Specialist Care Visit:  $25
  • Annual Deductible:  $0
  • Out of Pocket Maximum:  $6,700


  • Preventive Dental Package:  $12
  • Dental & Vision Package:  $31
  • Enhanced Dental & Vision Package:  $51

The 2020 Annual Open Enrollment period for all Medicare Advantage plans is; October 15th through December 7th.  You can enroll in any Medicare Advantage plan and Medicare Part D Rx plan which is available in Sacramento County.

2020 Anthem MediBlue  (Other Counties)  Click here

Anthem MediBlue Select (HMO) and Anthem MediBlue Plus (HMO) are Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans, which includes hospital, medical and prescription drug benefits in one plan. To join these plans, you must be entitled to Medicare Part A, enrolled in Medicare Part B and live in our service area. Our service area includes: CA: Sacramento County.

Your Health Information … Anthem makes sure that your health information is protected Federal and state laws protect the privacy of your medical records and personal health information. We protect your personal health information as required by these laws.

If you are currently with another Orange County Medicare HMO plan be sure to compare with the new Anthem Medicare MediBlue Select HMO plan.

What the Anthem Plus Plan covers … Like all Medicare health plans, we cover everything that Original Medicare covers — Part A (hospital services) and Part B (medical services), plus more. For some of these benefits, you may pay more in our plan than you would in Original Medicare. For others, you may pay less (see benefits section for more details). Medicare Part D drugs and Part B drugs (such as chemotherapy and some drugs administered by your provider).

If you wish to switch to a Medicare Supplement plan which offers freedom of choice of doctors and hospitals, you can start here Medicare Supplement Rates & Plans  or call me and I’ll review your options.

Inpatient & Outpatient Coverage … With the Anthem Medicare MediBlue Plus HMO you will enjoy not only Hospital coverage, Doctor visits, but also, prescription drug coverage, lab and X-Ray, diabetes care and services, medical equipment and much more.

Receiving care when you have an urgent need for services. What are “urgently needed services”? “Urgently needed services” are non-emergency, unforeseen medical illness, injury or condition that requires immediate medical care. Urgently needed services may be furnished by network providers or by out-of-network providers when network providers are temporarily unavailable or inaccessible. The unforeseen condition could, for example, be an unforeseen flare-up of a known condition that you have.

You must choose a primary care provider (PCP) to provide and oversee your medical care What is a “PCP” and what does the PCP do for you? When you join our plan, you must choose a plan provider to be your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Your PCP is a physician who meets state requirements and is trained to give you basic medical care.

If you do not have a PCP at the time you join, a plan representative can help you select one. If you are not able to choose a PCP, we will assign you to a contracted PCP with a convenient office location based on your home address. PCPs can be doctors who practice in any of the following medical fields as long as they are in our plan’s network: General practice Family Medicine Internal Medicine Pediatrics.

Enrolling is Easy … Simply print the application (I can also send you one), when complete simply fax, email or mail the enrollment forms back to me for processing.  I’ll do the rest to make sure the process is quick and accurate.

Travel Medical  – Trip cancellation, medical coverage and emergency evacuation, while traveling abroad – Medicare provides no coverage while outside the U.S.  Click Here 

Contact me anytime for details.

John Conner

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement


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