Medicare Supplement Plans in Clovis Fresno County

Clovis area Medicare members who wish to compare Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans in Fresno County, can do their research right here.

If you wish to have “freedom of choice” with doctors and hospitals throughout Clovis, Fresno County or for that matter across the U.S., then a medicare supplement is should be your top choice.

Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna and many more.

If you prefer a zero ($0) premium Medicare HMO plan, with limited access to different specialists and hospitals and a Primary Care Physician as your “gatekeeper,” then one of the Medicare Advantage HMO plans in Fresno County should be considered.

If a medicare supplement plan is in your budget, I would advise enrolling in one of the plans; G, F or N. All provide a different level of coverage, yet they all offer freedom of choice with doctors and hospitals (any doctor, specialist or hospital in the U.S. who accepts medicare).

Discounts – if you are new to Medicare

Anthem, Blue Shield and Health Net all offer a “new to medicare” discount, ranging from $25 – $30 per month for the first 12 months you are on their policy.  This provides great savings to you as a new medicare supplement member.  Take advantage of the savings, $300 – 360 for the first year on their plan.  Remember, Anthem, Blue Shield and Health Net all offer new to medicare discounts.

Popular Medicare Supplement Plans – F G N

The three most popular medicare supplement plans are Plans F, G and N. Plan F provides 100% protection for both hospital and outpatient care. Plan G has a small outpatient annual deductible of $233, then 100% coverage after the deductible is satisfied.  Plan N has the same $233 annual deductible, then a $20 copay for all outpatient visits.  All very comprehensive plans to help cover you the way you want.

Switching Companies:

If you are currently on a medicare supplement policy and wish to switch, a good time to do this is on the month of your birthday, which is called the “California Birthday Rule.” This allows you to switch medicare supplement companies to a similar plan or one with less benefits.  The switch is guaranteed regardless of your current or past health status.  The birthday rule is only available in California and Oregon.

Need help finding the right medicare Part D Rx plan for your medication list.  Send me your med list and I will run the comparison for you.  Most counties have 25 Part D plans to choose from.  I can help you find which of these 25 plans will work best for the medications you take.


If you are looking for a new dental plan, it’s best to check with your dentist office to find out which dental plans they are “contracted” with. Most dental office will tell you they accept all PPO dental plans, but this is very misleading, because if you choose a PPO dental plan and find out that the dentist office is not a contracted dental provider for that plan, you will be paying most of the dental services.  Dental plans pay practically nothing to out of network dentists.  So make sure to find out who your dentist is actually “contracted” with.

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John Conner

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