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Blue Shield Medicare SupplementBlue Shield is offering a $25 discount for all Medicare Supplement policy holders during their first year on Medicare Part B.

Los Angeles residents will find Blue Shield to be one of the most comprehensive companies for their Medicare Supplement plans, plus you will receive and additional $25 off if you are new to Medicare.

If you are new to Medicare you have six months to choose a Medicare Supplement policy of your choice.  After the initial 6 months (Initial Enrollment Period) you can still apply but any company will require you to complete the health questions and your current and previous health status will be reviewed and the company decision will be based on their review.

The Part D Rx drug plan initial open-enrollment is three months, after the 3 months you will need to wait until the next open enrollment.  Los Angeles County has approximately 30 Part D plans to choose from.  All perform differently, depending on your current medications.

If you are exiting an employer health insurance policy, you will have a 2 month open enrollment which allows you to enroll in any medicare supplement, medicare advantage hmo or Part D Rx plan.  Guaranteed, regardless of health status.

Visit any doctor who accepts Medicare.  When searching for new doctors, simply ask if they “accept Medicare.” Most do, more than 90% work with Medicare.  And if they do, by law they must also accept the “Secondary” coverage, in this case the Medicare Supplement plan and company.

It doesn’t matter who the Medicare Supplement plan is with, the doctor, hospital and all other medical providers will automatically bill the supplement company for your services.

Southern California Medicare Supplement rates tend to be a bit higher than your Northern California neighbors.  Shop today so you can stay with companies with competitive rates in your area.  Be sure to look at Blue Shield along with other carriers and rates.

Remember you can switch companies on the month of your birthday.  It’s called the birthday-rule.  Regardless of current or past health status, the enrollment is guaranteed.  Call for more details.

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John Conner

John Conner

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