Manteca Medicare Supplement Plans in San Joaquin County

In Manteca, a few of the Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans you should consider are Anthem, Blue Shield and Health Net.  Plans G, F and N are also the most popular plans in San Joaquin County.

Company and plan choice will depend on your desired coverage level and premium amounts.

Primary or Secondary Coverage;

With a Medicare Supplement policy, medicare is always your “primary” coverage, with the supplement paying as your secondary coverage.  If the doctor accepts medicare, by law, they are required to also accept the secondary plan regardless of who they are.

With a Medicare Advantage HMO or PPO policy, the medicare advantage plan is your primary coverage with medicare taking a back seat and not providing much after the Advantage plan.

Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage:

Manteca medicare members who are looking for “freedom of choice” with doctors and hospitals coupled with comprehensive medical coverage will choose a medicare supplement instead of a medicare advantage HMO.

If you are looking for a $0 (zero) premium medicare plan, and don’t mind having an HMO style plan, will ultimately go with a medicare advantage plan.  Most counties will have several “no premium” medicare advantage plans available in your county, including San Joaquin County.

Having a plan with no premium is pretty enticing, but remember, if you want care from a doctor or hospital outside of your primary care physicians group, most likely you can’t go.

Also, if you are severely injured or are struck with a serious long term medical condition, having the ability to go to the doctor or your choice, compared to NOT able to seek care from certain doctors, can be life changing.  If you have a serious condition you should be able to see the specialist of your choice .. a medicare supplement policy can provide that choice.

Cancer Care: Chemotherapy / Radiation

With many medicare advantage policies it is your responsibility to pay 20% of the chemotherapy and radiation costs up to the maximum out of pocket amount that the policy allows.

With a Medicare Supplement policy, plan G, F or N, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are covered like any other medical condition, in this case, the treatments are paid for by Medicare and the Supplement.

Part D Rx plans in Manteca

There are 30 Medicare Part D Rx plans in Manteca and San Joaquin County.  It’s best to compare all of the available plan and choose the best one for your medication list.  Each plan will cover drugs differently, so a mistake here can cost you greatly.  Call me and I will help you find the right Part D Plan for your medications.  I do not sell these plans, but am happy to help you through this process.

Feel free to call or email me anytime with questions.  I’m here to help.

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