Health Net Medicare Supplement Sacramento Plan F & G Rates

Health Net Medicare Supplement Innovative F and G plans in Sacramento CA.

The Health Net Innovative F and G are the two most popular medicare plans in Northern California.

Sacramento County premiums are over the past several years have been very stable, without the highs and lows of other parts of California, like Los Angeles or San Diego County.

2023 Health Net Rates (Medicare Supplement

Health Net “Innovative” Plan F, G & N.

Includes Vision and Hearing plans at no additional cost.  Be sure to compare the new Anthem Medicare Supplement “Innovative” Plan F and G.  These new plans are identical to the traditional plans but include “hearing” and “vision” benefits.

Depending on your current age you’ll want to take a look at; Health Net, Blue Shield of California and Anthem.

If you currently have a Medicare Supplement and your health is not so rosy, you can still change companies on the month of your birthday. This is called the California “Birthday Rule.”  You don’t have to answer any health questions or prescription questions, simply complete the basic info on the enrollment forms and you are moved to the new company at the beginning of the following month.  It’s that easy.

Doctors & Hospitals …

With any Medicare Supplement in the Sacramento area, you can use any of the major hospitals in the region (except for Kaiser – they are an HMO). Sutter, Mercy, UC Davis and others.  To see if your doctor accepts you can either look them up on the Medicare website or simply call their office and ask if they accept Medicare.

It’s that simple.  If you wish to see providers outside of the Sacramento area or even outside of California, again, just ask if they accept Medicare. Medicare Supplement policies provide the best access to care of any Medicare plan.

Remember the Medicare Part D Rx plans typically change on the first of each year.  The open-enrollment period is October 15 through December 7 for a January 1 effective date.  Part D Rx info

You should compare plans each year because the Part D plans tend to change premiums and also move the drugs to different tiers annually.  So one year your Part D company could be the best in Sacramento County, then the next one of the worst.

Take advantage of the Medicare Supplement rates in the Sacramento area. Or for that matter all of Northern California.  There is no reason to pay higher premiums!  Switch today, it’s easy.

John Conner

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