Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan F G N Rates Marysville CA

Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans F Extra, G and N for Marysville located in Yuba County with it’s population of approximately 15,000 residents does not have any Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. So if you are looking to supplement medicare, you will need a medicare supplement (medigap) to help pay for your medicare costs.

Blue Shield Rates – 2022

Plan F Extra

Identical medical coverage to the traditional plan F, although the monthly premiums are much less and the F Extra includes Vision and Hearing coverage.  Click here for details

Plan G Extra:

Medicare Supplement Plan G is very similar to Plan F, except with Plan G, you are responsible for the initial outpatient deductible of $233.  After this deductible you are no longer responsible for out of pocket medicare costs.

Medicare by itself will leave you with potentially high out of pocket costs.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A has a 60 hospital deductible of $1,556. This is not an annual deductible.  If you are admitted to a hospital you will owe this deductible amount. Then if you are re-admitted again 60 days after the first 60 day benefit period, you will again owe this deductible. I have talked to medicare members who have owed 5 of these Part A deductibles in a years time.

Medicare Part B

The outpatient portion of medicare is considered Part B coverage.  Part B has an annual deductible of $233, once this is satisfied you are then responsible for 20% of all Part B medicare costs for the balance of the year.  This 20% does not stop or is not capped after a certain amount, you will need to keep paying for the remainder of the year.

Medicare Supplement Plan G and it’s competitive rates is a plan you should include in your comparison with other plans. Companies like Aetna, Anthem, Health Net and Mutual of Omaha all offer Plan G.

Part D Rx:

Finding the right medicare Part D Rx plan for your medication list can be a bit tricky.  In Yuba county there are 30 part D plans, all covering medications differently.  So if is very important to compare when you are new to medicare as well as every year during the Annual Open Enrollment period which starts October 15 and ends December 7.

Plans will typically make changes every year, so if you don’t at least do a quick comparison you may be trapped in a poor plan for the year.  Call me and I’ll walk you through the process and help you find the right part D plan.  Part D Rx info

Enrollment Options:

If you are new to medicare part B, you have 6 months to enroll in a medicare supplement regardless of your health status.  Or, if you are not in an open enrollment period, you can still apply, just answer the health questions on the application and wait for the company to review your app. Usually takes about a week. Part D Rx stand-alone plans, you have 3 months to enroll from when your part B starts.

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