Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan G Extra

Blue Shield of California’s new Medicare Supplement Plan G Extra.

Plan G Rates – Click here

  • Choice – Coverage – Ease – Flexibility
  • Go directly to the doctor of your choice, no referrals necessary.
  • Helps pay deductibles, percentages and out of pocket medical costs.
  • No medical claim forms to review or fuss over.
  • Several Medicare Supplement plans to meet you needs and budget.

Medicare Supplement plan G Extra is just like plan F except with plan G you have a $233 annual deductible.  In other words, Plan G does not pay for the Medicare Part B deductible, which is the outpatient portion of Medicare.  Hospital services are covered at 100%.

Household Savings Program = 7%

If you and another member of your household are interested in enrolling in the same plan type, you could save 7% on your combined individual plan rates through our Household Savings Program.

Plan G Extra offers:

  • Vision – 1 eye exam every 12 months.  Eyeglass frame once every 24 months, $100 allowance. Also other lens allowances, contacts, bifocal, trifocal, multifocal etc.
  • Hearing – Hearing aid exam every 12 months. 2 hearing aids per 12 months. please see details for coverage and type.
  • Foreign Travel – $50,000 benefit, plan pays 80% you pay 20%.
  • SilverSneakers Gym membership.
  • Physician consultation by phone or video through TelaDoc.
  • Over the counter items through CVS – $100 per quarter.

Easy$Pay Savings (Automatic Bank Draft)

If you sign up for Easy$Pay when you enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, you’ll save $3 per month. This service automatically transfers your monthly payment from your checking or savings account.

Do you currently have a Medicare Supplement plan with another company?

You can switch to a Blue Shield plan at anytime of the year.  To a plan with equal or less value without medical underwriting.  Regardless of your current health status, you can switch to a Blue Shield plan now.  Blue Shield allows you to make this simple switch at any time this year!

NurseHelp 24/7/365

When you have a minor medical concern, you don’t have to wait for the doctors office to open. Nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One toll-free call puts you in touch with a registered nurse who will listen to your concerns and help you.

Internet users can use our secure online instant messaging service if preferred.

Sometimes just knowing you have someone to talk to makes a big difference.

Enroll in your new Blue Shield plan today.  It’s easy, quick and I can walk you through the process right over the phone.

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