Anthem MediBlue Plus HMO in Fresno Kings Madera Tulare County

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement2022 Anthem Medicare Advantage MediBlue Plus HMO plan in:

Fresno  –  Kings  –  Madera  –  Tulare County

2022 Anthem MediBlue Plus:  (Plan Outline)

  • Monthly Premium:  $0
  • Primary Care Visit:  $5
  • Specialist Care Visit:  $15
  • Annual Deductible:  $0
  • Out of Pocket Maximum:  $4,900
  • Dental – 1 oral exam with cleaning per year: $0 copay
  • Vision – Routine eyewear: This plan pays up to $100 for eyeglasses or contact lenses every year.
  • 24/7 Nurse Line: 24 hour access to a nurse helpline.

Dental / Vision (Optional Package

  • Preventive Dental Package:  $13: This plan pays up to $500 for preventive dental each year. Two exams & cleanings, plus X-ray.
  • Dental & Vision Package:  $32: $1,000 for preventive dental each year, plus 50% coverage for many dental services: Root canal, extractions, cavities, crowns etc.  Vision: up to $150 reimbursement allowance toward the purchase of corrective prescription
  • Enhanced Dental & Vision Package:  $53: $2,000 allowance for preventive dental along with 50% coverage for most common dental procedures.  Vision – $200 reimbursement allowance toward the purchase of eyewear, which includes corrective prescription glasses, lenses, frames and or contact lenses.

Open-Enrollment starts October 15 and ends December 7. All changes and new enrollments take effect on January 1 2021.  Call me on October 1, that is when I will have access to all Medicare Advantage companies and plans through out California. Or check back here, I should have the information online.

If you are currently with another Fresno County Medicare HMO plan be sure to compare with the new Anthem Medicare MediBlue Select HMO plan.

2022 Anthem MediBlue  –  California Counties .. Click Here

If you wish to switch to a Medicare Supplement plan which offers freedom of choice of doctors and hospitals, you can start here Medicare Supplement Rates & Plans  or call me and I’ll review your options. 

Call me today to find out which is a better option for you, a Medicare Supplement or one of the available Medicare Advantage plans in Los Angeles County.

Remember if you choose a Medicare Supplement for 2020 you will also need to look into a Medicare Part D Rx plan to help pay for your prescriptions.  I can help you find the best plan for your medication list.

If you want to make a switch to another Medicare Advantage plan, you will need to enroll in a new plan during the open enrollment period starting October 15 and ending December 7, for a January 1 effective date.

Please contact me anytime with your questions and concerns.  I’ll be happy to held you with finding the best plan for your situation.  I am also able to assist in the enrollment of your new plan.

John Conner

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