Yuba City Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement rates in the Yuba City area , and all of Sutter County are some of California’s most competitive rates.

Some of the companies you should compare are; Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net and UnitedHealthcare.

If you are looking for a Medicare Supplement and live in any of the Northern California communities including Yuba City and Marysville, the three most popular Medicare Supplement plans are Plans F, G and N.  All offering a different level of coverage.  If you have questions about how the plans work, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

Are you new to Medicare?

  • Receive a monthly discount for the first year:
  • Anthem – $25.
  • Blue Shield – $25.
  • Health Net – $30.

Generally you have two options in Yuba City when you are looking for a Medicare plan; you can choose a Medicare Supplement plan and a separate Medicare Part D Rx plan to help cover your prescription costs.  Or, enroll in a Medicare Medicare Advantage HMO plan. Medicare HMO plans typically include the Part D Rx plan.

Remember, with a Medicare HMO, you first need to choose one doctor from the list of providers and choose them as your “Primary Care Doctor.” This doctor coordinates all of your crareIf you are looking for a low priced Medicare plan and don’t mind paying deductibles and copays when you see a doctor or hospital, a Medicare Advantage plan may work well for you.

MEDICARE IS PRIMARY COVERAGE – With a Medicare Supplement plan, Medicare is the “Primary” coverage, meaning whenever you see a doctor or hospital, the claim first goes to Medicare.

SECONDARY COVERAGE – The secondary coverage is the Medicare Supplement (Medigap) which then pays it’s portion for the services used, either hospital, outpatient or medical equipment.

When Medicare approves the claim, the Medicare Supplement policy automatically pays their portion without any delay.

Open Enrollment … 

Medicare Supplement plans do not have an “Annual Open Enrollment Period.”  The Annual Open Enrollment period from October 15 thru December 7 each year is for Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Part D Rx plans only.

Most people who choose a Medicare Supplement policy enroll during the “Initial” open enrollment period which is when they first become eligible for Medicare.  After this 6-month window closes, you can still enroll in a Medigap, but you must answer the health questions on the enrollment form.  Each company has their own set of health questions. Call me anytime so we can discuss which company may work best for your current health status.

Enrollment Times & Dates … 

If you are new to Medicare, you have a six month window from when your Medicare Part B starts, to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan with guarantee-issue.  You have three months to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan which includes the Medicare Part D Rx plans.

If you leave an employer Group Health insurance policy, and you are past the six month guarantee-issue windows, once your group health policy cancels you you have 2 months to enroll in any Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan available in your area.

Part D Rx …

With a Medicare Supplement policy you will also need a “Medicare Part D” Rx plan to help you with your prescription costs.  Sutter County typically has 25 Part D plans to choose from.

Part D plans follow the Medicare Advantage annual open-enrollment schedule which is every year from October 15 through December 7 for a January 1 effective date.  It is very important to compare plan every year during this time, as most companies will make annual changes to the plans.  Change plan premium, deductibles and coverage for the different prescriptions.  I will be happy to send you a comparison for the best plans for your medication list.

Questions? Call or email anytime.

John Conner

John Conner

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