Butte County Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates

In 2022 Butte County has all of the popular Medicare Supplement companies and their Plan G, F and N rates.

Butte County does not offer any Medicare Advantage plans, so most medicare members living in the county will choose a Medicare Supplement policy to help pay all of their medical care costs.

With a Medicare Supplement policy in Butte County you are able to see any doctor, specialist or hospital anywhere in the county who accepts Medicare, that’s over 95%. Medicare also allows you to see any Medicare approved provider anywhere in the U.S.

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If you live in Chico, Paradise or Oroville, be sure to compare the companies and rates in your area along with Magalia, Gridley, Biggs and all other cities, towns and outlying areas be aware that they enjoy some of the lowest Medicare Supplement rates in the State.

Birthday Rule

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT BIRTHDAY RULE – Be sure to compare medicare supplement rates in your area every year on the month of your birthday.  In California you are able to change medicare supplement companies and plans every year regardless of your health status.  This is unique to California and Oregon, so there is no reason to pay more premium than other companies offer their plans for. This annual event is called the California Birthday Rule.

Silver Sneakers Fitness Program:

silversneakersSome Medicare Supplement companies offer the Silver Sneakers fitness program with their Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.  SilverSneakers is the premier fitness program provided at no cost with all Anthem Medicare Supplement policies.  Millions of members, thousands of gyms. Classes designed for all abilities. And our community is active, welcoming and fun.

Leaving an employer Group Health Plan:

If you are currently on an employer group health insurance plan and have medicare in place, you can exit the group plan and enroll in any Medicare plan of your choice. You will be given a 60 day open enrollment which starts when your group health plan ends.

If you voluntarily exit a group health plan, there are a few medicare supplement companies which will offer you “guaranteed acceptance.” If you group coverage is cancelled or taken from you, this opens the special enrollment period which allows you to enroll in any medicare supplement or medicare advantage plan that is available in your county of residence.

Dental& Vision

Anthem has a nice dental and vision combo plan available. It is a stand-alone plan, so you do not need to also have an Anthem medicare supplement plan to enroll in the Dental & Vision plan .. Click Here

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John Conner

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