Chico CA Medicare Supplement Rates and Plans

As a resident of the Chico California area or Butte County, Medicare Supplement plan are one of the only options.  There are not any Medicare Advantage plans available in Butte County.

So, either a person stays on original Medicare only or they choose a Medicare Supplement along with a Medicare Part D Rx plan to help pay for their medical and prescription costs.

Chico area Medicare Supplement Rates

A few of the popular Medigap plans you may want to compare are plans F, G and N, all offering a different level of coverage.

  • Plan F provides 100% coverage
  • Plan G; you have an annual outpatient deductible of $233
  • Plan N; has the $233 annual deductible and a $20 copay for office visits.

Medicare Part D Rx:

Medicare Part D Rx plans  You will also need to enroll in a separate Medicare part D Rx plan, which will help you pay for your prescription costs.  A good place to start you search is right here.  Simply email a list of your current medications along with the dosage and frequency.

I’ll enter the information into the Medicare system, to come up with the top 3 plans for your prescription list.  The results will show the best three plans for coverage and cost for your medications.  I will then email the results to you.

Birthday Rule:

One of the great advantages of living in California is the Birthday Rule In California we have what is called the Birthday rule with Medicare Supplement plans.  You are able to switch companies each year on your birthday regardless of your health status.

Do you Qualify for a Medicare Supplement… Medicare Supplement policies do not have an annual open-enrollment period like Medicare Advantage policies.  In order to be offered a policy on a guaranteed issue basis, one must enroll within 6 month of starting Medicare, or within 2 months of exiting an employer health insurance policy.  There are many “guarantee issue” rules, click here.

Any Doctor or Hospital:

With a Medicare Supplement you have access to any doctor, hospital or facility which accepts Medicare, that’s over 95% of all providers across the U.S.  No networks to fuss over. If the doctor accepts Medicare your policy will pay, it’s as simple as that.

Retiree Insurance:

If you’re retired and have Medicare and group health insurance (retiree) coverage from a former employer, generally:

  • Medicare pays first for your health care bills
  • Your group health insurance coverage pays second

How your retiree group health plan coverage works depends on the terms of your specific plan. Your employer or union, or your spouse’s employer or union, might not offer any health coverage after you retire. If you can get group health plan coverage after you retire, it might have different rules, and might not work the same way with Medicare.

If you currently have group heath insurance or a retiree medical plan call me so we can discuss your best options.


In order to enroll in any Medicare plan you must first be enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B.  A is hospital coverage and B is for outpatient services including medical equipment.

If you are outside of any open enrollment periods, you can still apply for coverage with any available Medicare Supplement plan.  Contact me and I will forward the appropriate enrollment form and help you through the process.

No Cost Assistance … I work with nationally recognized insurance companies to give you the quality, affordable insurance you’re looking for. I will never spam you or sell your information. Best of all, my assistance is no cost to you.

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John Conner

John Conner

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