West Sacramento Medicare Supplement

West Sacramento in Yolo County Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans for medicare members.

All the big names are offering their medicare supplement plans throughout West Sacramento including but not limited to; Anthem, Blue Shield and Health Net.  All offering their “new to medicare discount,” which discounts their premiums anywhere from $20 to $30 for the first 12 months on the plan.

Plan G

The medicare supplement plan G is quickly becoming one of the most looked into and enrolled in plan.  The rates are hard to beat even with the $233 annual deductible for outpatient services.

If you are new to medicare or currently have a medicare supplement and are comparing other companies.  Be sure to take a close look at Plan G.

Don’t forget about the Birthday Rule … this allows any medicare supplement member living in California the right to change companies on the month of their birthday to a similar plan or one with less benefits. This is a guaranteed enrollment regardless of your current or previous health status.  This is like an annual open enrollment for anyone on a medicare supplement in California.

Medicare Advantage HMO

If you are looking into Medicare Advantage plans, Yolo county has 7 HMO plans available.  The typical players; Health Net, Anthem, United Healthcare and Kaiser.  There may be a couple more, but an HMO is an HMO.  Seems like the only difference anymore is which company is contracted with your doctors and or hospital(s).

Medicare Part D

With the HMO plans, the Medicare Part D Rx coverage is included with the medical portion of the plan.  Make sure your medications are covered well before choosing a Medicare Advantage HMO.  You cannot mix-n-match Part D plans with HMO’s.

If you have a Medicare Supplement, you will need to enroll in a “stand alone” Part D plan.  Most counties including Yolo, have between 20 to 25 Part D plans to choose from.  Run a comparison to see which plan covers your medications the best.  It’s pretty easy to compare on the Medicare.gov website, or contact me and I’ll run the comparison for you, and send you the results.  I don’t sell any of the Part D plans but assist any of my customers who want a little help.

All medicare plans have different enrollment dates and options, call anytime and I’ll help you with your situation.

John Conner

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