Turlock Medicare Supplement Plan G & F Rates

Turlock in the southern edge of Stanislaus County has 5 quality medicare supplement companies you should include in your comparison before choosing a new medigap for yourself.

And with the different companies, plans G, F and N are the ones to look into.  All providing a different level of coverage.

Silver Sneakers Fitness Program

Some of the Medicare Supplement companies include the Silver Sneakers fitness program at no additional cost.

Dental & Vision

There are some very good Dental plans available to seniors.  Find out who your dentist is “contracted” with and I can look into the company / plan for you.

Medicare Part D Rx plans

Medicare supplement policies do not provide Rx coverage. You will need to enroll in a Medicare Part D Rx plan to help with your medication costs.  There are typically 30 plans available in the Turlock and Stanislaus County areas.

Matching up the best Rx plan with your medication list may be a bit tricky. Feel free to email your medication list to me and I’ll enter them into the Medicare system.  I will then email you the comparison results.

Remember, medicare part D plans have an annual open enrollment period starting every October 15 and ending December 7.  Any changes made during this time will have a January 1 effective date.

Medicare Supplement Open-Enrollment

If you are new to Medicare, you have 6 months to enroll in a Medicare supplement policy once your medicare Part B coverage starts.  This is called the “Initial Enrollment Period.”  If you are outside of this 6 month window, you can still apply to a plan, you will simply need to answer the health questions on the application and pass underwriting.

If you currently have a medicare supplement policy in force, you can apply to a new company anytime of the year.  Complete the new company’s enrollment forms including the health questions.  Approval is based on the applicants health status.

Birthday Rule

If you have a medicare supplement in place, you have the opportunity to switch companies every year on your birthday regardless of health status. The transfer is guaranteed, and you do not need to answer any health questions on the enrollment forms.

The rule allows you to switch to the same plan or one with less benefits, you cannot upgrade your plan.  The Birthday Rule is available in both California and Oregon only.

Feel free to contact me with questions or more information regarding the plans.

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