Simi Valley Medigap and Medicare Supplement Plans

Simi Valley along with all of Ventura County enjoy very competitive Medicare Supplement (Medigap) rates from most of the carriers in California. Companies you will want to compare are; Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net, UnitedHealthcare and Aetna.

CALIFORNIA BIRTHDAY RULE  –  A great rule within the California Medicare Supplement regulations is, if a person has a Medicare Supplement in place, they can switch to a new Medicare Supplement company with the same benefits or less on the month of their birthday.  This is a guaranteed switch, regardless of current or past health status.  You don’t even need to answer any of the health, prescription or doctor visit questions on the new enrollment form.

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Can you see any doctor or hospital?  Yes, any doctor, hospital or specialist who accepts Medicare, that’s nearly 96% of all medical professionals nationwide.  There are no networks, if the doctor accepts Medicare, your Medicare and Medicare Supplement will pay for the approved services.

Medicare Part D Rx plans they are a separate policy, Medicare Supplement policies do not include prescription drug services.  Most members will enroll in a Part D plan which best fits their needs and medication list.

Most counties will have 30 Part D plans to choose from.  Each plan treats medications differently and will differ greatly how they help pay for your medications.  Plus each year the Part D companies make adjustments to their plans which affect how well or poorly they pay for different medications.

Take advantage of this annual opportunity to compare plans each open enrollment which runs from October 15 through December 7.  This gives you a great opportunity to check on the changes to your current plan and compare the other plans offered in your county.


Some companies will offer a discount for the first 12 months once you start Medicare.  $20 to $25 per month discounts are available for the first 12 months you are on medicare, so keep that in mind when you are just starting out.

Medicare Supplement Enrollment Dates –

There are several situations which allow you to enroll in a Medicare Supplement policy without going through medical underwriting, which means you do not have to qualify medically.

Initial enrollment period –

A 6 month period which starts when you first become Medicare eligible.  This time allows you to enroll in any Medicare Supplement policy available to you for six months.

Another open enrollment is when your employer group health insurance is ending, this gives you two months to enroll in a Medigap.  Another instance is if you have a Medicare Advantage HMO and the policy is non-renewing, or you have moved out of the service ares.  This also give you 2 months to enroll in a Medicare Supplement policy. Here are other guaranteed situations.

Simi Valley … 37 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the City of Simi Valley, with an estimated population of 130,000 is the third largest of Ventura County’s ten cities.  Occupying an area of approximately 42 square miles, it is located in Southeast Ventura County, adjacent to the northwestern perimeter of the San Fernando Valley.  A few companies to consider within Ventura County are; Aetna, Anthem and Mutual of Omaha.

BE CAREFUL:  Medicare provides no coverage outside the U.S.  Travel Medical Insurance

No Cost Help … there is no charge for my services.  The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help with coverage options, enrollment and service.

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