San Diego County Medicare Supplement Rates

Finding a San Diego Medicare Supplement policy may be easier than you think because of companies such as: AetnaAnthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha and Health Net offer very competitive rates for San Diego County residents.  As long as you have Medicare Parts A and B or soon to have them, feel free to compare the premiums of the different companies by clicking the company links below.

Currently there are twelve federally standardized Medicare Supplement plan available nationwide.  All plans have different levels of coverage, so please review the benefits before you settle on a plan.  Feel free to call me anytime and I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

The popular San Diego County Medicare Supplement plan swill most likely continue to be; F, G and N, simply because of their comprehensive benefit design.

 If you are new to Medicare Part B or your birthday is coming up, you will have guaranteed coverage for a new plan or if you would like to change to company with lower premiums.  If you are new to Medicare Part B you have a 6 month window to choose a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan from when you Medicare Part B coverage starts.  This gives you plenty of time to make the right decisions.

Birthday Rule … If you are during the month of your birthday (birthday rule – California & Oregon) you have 30 days following your birthday to change to a new Medicare Supplement company with the same plan you currently have or to a plan with less benefits.  These are both guarantee issue events.  You can learn more here.

All San Diego County Medicare Supplement companies do not necessarily offer all 10 Modernized plans.  Some companies will offer 3 plans while other may offer 7, 8, 9 or all ten.  So check with the different company’s to find the plan which fits your unique needs and budget.  You can do this by clicking on the company links above to view the plans offered and the rates accordingly.

Medicare Part D Rx … You will also need to purchase a Medicare Part D Rx plan to cover your prescription needs (Click Here).  In San Diego County you will be able to compare nearly 30 part D Rx plans.  Most plans will will run between $10 to $45.  Depending on if the plan includes a prescription deductible or not.

Please feel free to call or email anytime with your questions.

John Conner

John Conner

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