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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates for 2023

Compare Mutual of Omaha Plan F, G & N rates here.  If you would like to compare the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement rates please feel free to click on the appropriate state below.  Or, contact me anytime with questions:  916-682-1117.

Access to any Medicare Approved Doctor Nationwide.

Remember, with Medicare along with a Medicare Supplement policy, you are able to see any doctor in the U.S. who accepts Medicare.  Referrals are not necessary, and depending on your plan choice, your coverage will be better and more comprehensive than any Medicare Advantage plan on the market.

California Mutual of Omaha Rates:  California (2023)

Are you New to Medicare?

For most people turning 65, their Medicare Part A (Hospital) starts automatically.  Medicare Part B (outpatient), on the other hand may not start automatically when turning 65.  If you are not going to start you S.S. income at age 65, or if you are on an employer health insurance plan, you will most likely need to enroll in Part B.

To confirm your “B” coverage starts when you want it to, go to the Social Security Admin website,, create a profile and enroll in Part B.  Or, call S.S.A at; 800-772-1213, or, walk into a local Social Security office and tell them you want to start your Medicare Part B.

Once you have confirmation your Medicare A and B have a start date, enrolling in any of the Medicare plans (Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Part D Rx plan) is simple and quick.  Call me anytime, I’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

The Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement rates above are for the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, United of Omaha Insurance Company, United World Insurance Company and Omaha Insurance Company.

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The Most Popular Plans:  F, G, N

  • Plan F = 100% coverage.
  • Plan G = $226 deductible, then 100% coverage.
  • Plan N = $226 deductible, then $20 copay for outpatient visits.
  • All three provide 100% coverage for Inpatient Hospital services.

Why Medicare Supplement’s are so Popular?

  1. Freedom of choice. You can see any doctor or hospital in the U.S. who accepts Medicare.  If a person wants access to different doctors, specialists and hospitals, a Medicare Supplement provides that flexibility.
  2. Coverage. Most Medicare Supplement’s provide very comprehensive coverage. Plan F is 100%, Plan G is 100% after a small $226 deductible and Plan N has the $226 deductible and $20 copay.
  3. Very little change from year to year.  Medicare Supplement coverage and benefits rarely change from year to year.  On the other hand, Medicare Advantage plans tend to change benefits, deductibles, Rx coverage and doctor / hospital networks every year.

Enroll today in a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan.  Are you a current Medicare Supplement member with a different company, or maybe new to Medicare?  Call me today, so I can help you get started.

Enroll Today and Start Saving Money … Remember, you can change to a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan anytime of the year.  Why wait if you can start saving money today by switching companies.  Call today, I’ll help you get started today.

Open Enrollment Rules ... Do you qualify for a Medicare Supplement Policy?  Are you in a Guarantee-Issue situation? New to Medicare, coming off of an Employer Group Health plan, is your Medicare Advantage plan being canceled?  These and many more “qualifying events” allow you to enroll in to a Medicare Supplement plan of your choice … guaranteed.

Medicare Part D Rx plans Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans do not include the Medicare Part D Rx plan, so you will need to enroll in a separate Medicare part D Rx plan, which will help you pay for your prescription costs.  A good place to start you search is right here.  Simply contact me and I’ll help you find the best Part D plan for your medication list.

ANY DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL WHO ACCEPTS MEDICARE  –  With a Medicare Supplement plan, you can see any doctor or hospital who is Medicare-Approved in the U.S.  No need to check insurance company physician directories or search which plan accepts your doctor.  If your doctor is Medicare-Approved, simply make the appointment and go.  Also you won’t need a referral to see a specialist.  Access to medical care is one of the great options of having a Medicare Supplement plan.

HOSPITALIZATION  (Observation vs. Admitted)  If you are ever Hospitalized, you need to be aware of the term; Observation Status. This is being admitted into the hospital as outpatient, even if you are there for several days.  This may have expensive consequences.  Click here for more info.

Mutual of Omaha Plan Highlights …

  • Your Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement policy is guaranteed renewable.  It cannot be canceled.  It will be renewed as long as the premiums are paid on time and the information on your application is correct.
  • Your Medicare supplement benefits will automatically increase as Medicare deductibles and coinsurance increase, so you can be sure your benefits will never decrease.
  • You cannot be singled out for a rate increase, no matter how many times you receive benefits.  Your premium changes; (a) each year on the renewal date coinciding with or following the anniversary of your Policy Date until you reach age 99; and (b) when the same premium change is make on all in-force Medicare supplement policies of the same form issued to persons of your classification in the same geographic area where the policy was issued.
  • Your coverage begins immediately.  There is no waiting period for preexisting conditions.  Benefits will be paid from the time your policy is in force.
  • Your Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement policy enables you to see any doctor or hospital in the United States who accepts Medicare.
  • Your coverage goes with you … Just like Medicare, your Medicare supplement covers your health care needs anywhere in the United States.  With some other health care plans, there may be charges for care no matter where you go.  Carefully check all the plan’s travel rules and restrictions.

Enroll Today and Start Saving … Call and I’ll send you the appropriate Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement enrollment forms.  The enrollment process typically takes a couple weeks.  When complete the company will send you an ID card along with a plan policy.  I will help you through the enrollment process to make sure it is quick and accurate with your desired effective date.

Choosing the right plan and company can be a difficult task as there are so many companies offering several different Medigap plans.  Feel free to call me and I’ll be able to narrow down you search to a couple companies within a few minutes.  Also, if you like, I can send you an information kit to help with your decision.  If it’s just an application you are looking for, let me know and I’ll email you the appropriate forms to enroll.

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Enroll in a Mutual of Omaha plan today.

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