Oregon Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

The Oregon Medicare Supplement Birthday rule works the same way as the California Birthday rule.  If you are a Medicare Supplement member of any company living in the state of Oregon, you are able to change Medicare Supplement companies on the month of your birthday.

You can change to any plan with equal or less benefits.  So, if you currently have a Plan F, you can move to any company offering a Plan F without having to qualify medically.  In fact you don’t even need to answer any health or prescriptions on the enrollment form.

This is a great deal for anyone looking to save money on their Medicare Supplement premium.  You no longer need to feel trapped with an noncompetitive company simply you have a few health issues or have been advised to have a procedure done in the near future.

Remember, you can apply to any Medicare Supplement company at any time of the year, although if you are experiencing any health issues, regardless of what they are, you can feel assured that you can always switch during the month of your birthday.

The Rule is written this way:

Oregon Birthday Rule:  Individuals who own a Medicare supplement policy in the state of Oregon may change Medicare supplement plans once per year for a period of thirty days beginning on the individual’s birthday.

The new policy must be:

  • Guaranteed issue and nondiscriminatory in rating, and
  • Have the same or lesser benefits

If you don’t wish to wait for your next birthday month, feel free to call me so we can discuss your options.

John Conner

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