Medicare Supplement Plans California

2022 Medicare Supplement plans in California.  The most popular plans are currently Plans F, G and N.


  • Plan F = 100% hospital coverage – 100% outpatient.
  • Plan G = 100% hospital coverage – $233 outpatient deductible then 100%.
  • Plan N = 100% hospital – $233 outpatient deductible then $20 Dr visit copays.

CALIFORNIA BIRTHDAY RULE … This rule allows you to switch companies each year on the month of your birthday, without having to answer any medical questions.  This move is guaranteed as long the move is to a plan with equal or less benefits.  All Medicare Supplement companies in California must follow this birthday rule.

You need to know the difference between the different Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans.  Medigap plans are insurance policies sold by private insurance companies that are designed specifically to fill in the gaps left by Medicare.

Medicare Supplement plans help pay for some of the Medicare deductibles and coinsurance which you would be responsible for.  Each plan; F, G and N are some of the available California Medigap plans.  Each offers different benefits and all are priced differently.

Each company sets their own rates, so please compare the different rates in your area.  Prices vary drastically.  Also be sure to check the new Medicare Supplement plans M and N.  They offer some unique benefits.  Plan G continues to be the plan of choice for most Medicare beneficiaries because of the comprehensive benefits.

The Medicare deductibles continue to rise, the part A deductible is now $1,556 per 60 day benefit period.  This is not a traditional annualized deductible.  There are six potential benefit periods per year, meaning there is a possibility you would be responsible for six, $1,556 deductibles in any given year.  This is why most seniors choose to purchase this insurance option called a Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare Part D Rx … You will also need to purchase a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan.  Most plans are between $13 to $40 per month which provides coverage for your prescription medications.

Enrolling is Easy … Applying is easy; once you are enrolled in Medicare parts A and B, you can enroll into a Medicare Supplement plan with companies such as; Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net and UnitedHealthcare, and compare plans.  Then pick a solid company with low monthly premiums.

Medicare Advantage Plans … Also compare the $0 premium Advantage plans – Anthem MediBlue, Blue Shield 65 Plus and many others which include the Medicare Part D Rx plan  Click here

No Cost Help … there is no charge for my services.  The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help with coverage options, enrollment and service.

John Conner

John Conner

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