California Medicare Supplement Plan G

A California Medicare Supplement Plans F, G and N are  the three most popular medicare supplement plans across the U.S.

Soon Plan G will be the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement available because Plan F will be exiting on January 1, 2020.  Existing Plan F members will be able to continue, but new enrollments will not be available after 2019.

Plan G is just like F except G does not pay for the Medicare Part B deductible which is now $233.  After the calendar year deductible is satisfied, the plan then pays 100% for the balance of the year.

You can view current California Medicare Supplement rates and benefit information from companies like; Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealth Care, Blue Shield, Health Net, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha and others.

Medicare Options …

Currently the most popular California Medicare Supplement plan is Plan F.  This plan has everything you need to close the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. With a Plan “F,” when you do to the doctor or hospital you don’t pay anything. Not a copay or deductible. You are only responsible for your monthly premium.

Another popular plan is “N.”  With Plan N you are responsible for an outpatient deductible of $233 then a $20 copay whenever you have a doctor visit.  Hospital is covered at 100%.

Plus, it’s easy to enroll in, and is more affordable than you may think.  Take a look and see for yourself.

Remember with a California Medicare Supplement plan you will also need to enroll in a Medicare Part D Rx plan.  Medicare Supplement plans do not include prescription plans.  The best place to compare Part D plans is right here, simply email your prescriptions to me  the Medicare website:  Or you can call me and I can help you compare plans.

California Birthday Rule …

The Birthday Rule is unique to California and allows a resident of California who has a Medicare Supplement plan to switch Medicare Supplement companies on the month of your birthday, without having to answer any “health” or “prescription” questions.  In other words, it is a guaranteed move to a different company who offers the same plan or one with less benefits.

Our California Medicare Supplemental plans give you the kind of health coverage you deserve at this time of your life.  The kind that can protect your finances by filling in the gaps of your Medicare coverage.  And the kind that you can make your life easier with:

  • A choice of Medigap plans at affordable prices.
  • The freedom to choose any doctor and hospital who accepts Medicare.
  • No required medical exam to enroll.
  • Guaranteed renewal.

You can choose to be billed directly, or you can make payments by automatic bank draft.

Coverage that stays with you –

No matter where you travel, your Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplemental coverage will follow.  Your plan membership card will be accepted by hospitals, doctors and specialists across the state and throughout the great USA.  So wherever you go, so will your peace of mind.

Money Back Guarantee –

Every plan comes with a 30-day “free look” period.  This means that you have 30 days after purchase to decide whether or not to keep your Blue Cross plan.  What could be simpler?

Am I Eligible for a Plan?

You are eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan if you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.  You must also be a resident in the state where the coverage is offered.

Enrolling in an Anthem plan is quick and easy. I can take most of the information over the phone.  Call today to get started.

No Cost Help … there is no charge for my services.  The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help you with enrollment and service.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement

John Conner

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