Medicare Supplement Plan F G N Rates in Stockton

Residents in Stockton (San Joaquin County) enjoy some of the lowest Medicare Supplement rates in the State of California.

Medicare members who are looking for freedom of choice with doctors and hospitals will choose a Medicare Supplement over a Medicare Advantage plan in Stockton because San Joaquin county only offers Medicare Advantage HMO’s, which of course provide very limited choice when seeking different doctors and specialists.

Stockton Medicare Supplement Rates

Remember with a Medicare Supplement you can see any Medicare-approved doctor in the U.S.  That’s nearly 95% of all medical providers nationwide.

Other cities besides Stockton with the same rates are Tracy, Manteca and Lodi.  Click the link above and find your zip code for the current Stockton Medicare Supplement Rates.

Stockton has had some pretty harsh press of late.  As an outsider anyone reading the negative articles would think she is in a serious way.  I’m not downplaying the serious issues Stockton is confronted with, but I will say Stockton does have some very shiny nuggets to be proud of.  The University of the Pacific, Banner Ball park which hosts the Stockton Ports, the Stockton marina and Delta, the dozens of vineyards and wineries and of course the city which introduced Dave Brubeck and Alex Spanos. Personally, I am a big fan of Stockton.

Don’t forget your Medicare Part D Rx plan to help pay for your prescription costs.  Part D plan have an open enrollment period each year from October 15 through December 7.  This period allows current members to compare plans, review changes and enroll in new plans for a January 1 effective date.  If you choose to stay with the same plan and company, you don’t have to do anything, the plans typically renew annually  (You can read more here).

Dental plans are considered “stand-alone” policies so you don’t necessarily have to enroll at the same time you enroll into your new Medicare Supplement plan.  Anthem has a popular Senior Dental PPO plan available to anyone in California over age 65.  Click here for the plan details and price.

Switching companies is pretty simple.  If you are in a “guarantee-issue” situation or period, you don’t need to answer any of the “medical” or “prescription” questions, it’s a very quick and easy enrollment.  If you wish to switch mid-year, include the health questions on the application and let the company go through their process.  It usually takes a couple weeks for everything.


You can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan insurance policy if you are:

  1. A resident of a state where the policy is offered
  2. Enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B
  3. Age 65 or over or, in some states, under age 65 with a disability and/or end stage renal disease (plan offerings and eligibility vary by state).

Plus, you may qualify for guaranteed issue into a Medicare Supplement plan, regardless of your medical history, if you meet certain criteria such as applying during your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period.

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