San Mateo County Medicare Supplement Plan F Rates

The competitive Medicare Supplement companies in San Mateo California are: Anthem, Aetna, Blue Shield and Health Net and several others. When looking for a new plan be sure to compare because the rates do vary depending on your current age.

$300 DISCOUNT … If you are new to Medicare, Anthem is currently offering a $25 per month discount for anyone new to medicare.  The discount is for the first 12 months you are on Medicare.

Enrollment Dates … When you are new to Medicare, you will  have a 6-month window which allows you to enroll in any company without a medical review.  Your enrollment is guaranteed regardless of your current or past health status.  If you have been on Medicare longer than 6 months but are currently on an Employer health insurance policy, you will have a 2 month open-enrollment after your group plan cancels.

If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan and you either move to where it is not available or the plan non renews in your county.  This also allows you a 2 month open-enrollment window to choose any Medicare Supplement plan and company offering policies in your county.

Plan F pays for “Excess Charges, plan N does not.  Plan N can offer much lower monthly premiums which you may like, but be careful, Plan N does not cover the Medicare Part B (outpatient) Excess Charges, which typically don’t add up to much, but under certain circumstances can.  Click here to learn more about Excess Charges.

If your doctor accepts Medicare, by law they must also accept your secondary coverage which is the Medicare Supplement.  So when you see a doctor it doesn’t matter which Medicare Supplement company you have, they are all treated the same.

San Mateo is grouped together in the “Bay Area” rating area.  For the most part, Northern California rates are typically lower than the southern half of the state.  If you look at the different rate charts you will notice quite a savings if you live north of the Grapevine.

Compare Medicare Supplement company rates here if you are new to Medicare or simply looking to switch companies.  Don’t forget the birthday rule in California.  If you are a current Medicare Supplement member, on the month of your birthday, you are allowed to switch companies regardless of your current or past health status .. it’s guaranteed.

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John Conner

John Conner

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