Placer County Medicare Supplement Plans

Placer County Medicare Supplement plans and rates for 2022.

The Annual Open Enrollment (AEP) ends December 7.  All changes made during this time will have a January 1 start date.

There are quite a few companies to choose from in Placer County, although there are a few who usually rise quickly to the top. A few you should compare are the California companies; Anthem, Blue Shield and Health Net.  If you are new to medicare, all three offer a “new to medicare discount” which lasts for the first 12 months your are on the plan.  The discounts range from $20 to $30 per month.

Medicare Supplement Rates:

Anthem     Blue Shield     Health Net     Aetna     Mutual of Omaha      UnitedHealthcare

If you are new to medicare, the first 6 months after your Medicare Part B starts, to enroll in a Medicare Supplement policy and not have to answer any health questions.  After this 6-month “initial enrollment period” you will need to answer the health questions on the enrollment form, and depending on your current health status your enrollment will either be approved or declined.

Medicare Part D Rx …

Medicare Supplement policies do not include prescription coverage, so you will need to enroll in a stand-alone Medicare Part D Rx plan.  There are 30 plans in Placer County, and the best way to find the right plan is to enter your prescription list into the medicare system and the comparison results will sort the plans in order from lowest out of pocket to highest.  The results are determined by your current prescriptions.  I’ll be happy to run the comparison for you. Send me your Rx list and I will send you the results.

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Freedom of Choice …

when you have Original Medicare coupled with a Medicare Supplement policy, you enjoy freedom of choice with your doctors, specialists and hospitals.  There are no networks or referrals you need to fuss with. If the doctor or hospital is Medicare approved, you can see them for your medical services.  It doesn’t matter who your supplement company is or where you live.  If they are medicare approved you have access to them.

If you would like to compare Medicare Advantage plans you can do that here also.  Medicare Advantage plans are “county specific,” meaning companies and plans are available only from your county of residence.  Plans which are available in a county next to you may not be available in your county. If you email or call me I’ll be happy to email you the available Medicare Advantage plans in your area.

What you will find is in most counties there are mostly HMO style Medicare Advantage plans.  When you sign up you must choose a primary care physician, this is the physician who will organize your care. If you need to see a specialist, your PCP will refer you to a specialist within the same medical group.   The Medicare Part D Rx coverage is included with Medicare Advantage HMO’s and sometimes include vision and dental benefits as well.

One of the first things you should check when looking at different Medicare Advantage HMO’s is the network of doctors and hospitals.  This is the biggest difference between plans.  The network!

If a Medicare Supplement is within your budget, I would definitely recommend going with one. They have much stronger benefits and your choice with physicians and hospitals cannot be beat.

Feel free to call or email anytime.

John Conner

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