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Medicare Supplement plan G, F and N rates in the Silicon Valley area along with most other Northern California regions have the most affordable Medicare Supplement rates compared to other areas of the state.

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Save $300 … Anthem offers the “New to Medicare Discount of $25 per month off their Medicare Supplement plan F premiums.  As long as you are within 6 months of your Medicare Part B effective date, the discount is for the first 12 months of coverage and will end at the policy’s one year anniversary.

Medicare Supplement policies in the Bay Area, allow you to visit all major medical centers and medical groups.  This is the best option for anyone looking for doctor and hospital choice.

Medicare Advantage plans offering coverage in the Silicon Valley area mostly offer only HMO style plans, where you first must choose a Primary Care Doctor, who organizes all of your care and is the one who refers you to specialists.

Anthem offers Medicare Supplement plans; G, F and N.  All have different coverage levels and pricing.  The most popular being Plans F, and N.  Feel free to contact me anytime, and I’ll compare the different Medicare Supplement companies in your area to find the best monthly rate and the plan which best fits your needs.

Remember, monthly rates do vary depending on your zip code and age.  So it will benefit you to compare companies, plans and rates on an annual basis.

Guaranteed Acceptance With our Aetna Medicare Supplement plans, your acceptance is guaranteed if you apply for coverage before, or within six months of, enrolling in Medicare Part B.  If you have been enrolled in Medicare Part B for more than six months, we’ll have to review your health history to see if you’re eligible for the plan you selected.

Medicare Part D Rx plans Don’t forget your Medicare part D Rx plan, which will help you pay for your prescription costs.  A good place to start you search is right here.  Simply email a list of your current medications along with the dosage and frequency.

I’ll enter the information into the Medicare system, to come up with the top 3 plans for your prescription list.  The results will show the best three plans for coverage and cost for your medications.  I will then email the results to you.

Other Medicare Supplement Companies in the Silicon Valley Region:

Blue ShieldAnthem – Health Net

There are plenty of plans and companies to choose from when comparing Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage coverage.

I’ll be happy to give you the info right over the phone, no obligation.  If you are new to Medicare and just want to have a better understanding of how all of this works, again call and I’ll help explain how the different plans work for your situation.

You can enroll and change Medicare Supplement companies anytime of the year, because they do NOT have “annual open-enrollment periods.” Simply compare plans, benefits and premiums and complete the enrollment forms to apply.  You also have the “Birthday Rule” which allows you to switch companies on the month of your birthday without needing to answer any health questions on the enrollment form. The application is guaranteed regardless of health status.

Enroll  –   Please call or email and I’ll make sure you have the correct enrollment forms for your area.  simply complete the application and either fax or scan & email the enrollment forms to me.  I’ll do the rest to make sure your enrollment is quick and accurate.

Call today, there’s no obligation, and I’ll answer all of your questions right over the phone.

John Conner

John Conner

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