Anthem Medicare Supplement Rates in Long Beach

For Anthem Medicare members living in the Long Beach area, you can compare Medicare Supplement rates and companies here: Click Here.

The New Anthem Innovative Plan F includes Vision and Hearing coverage for no additional cost, and the Innovative F rates are lower than the traditional Anthem Plan F.


  • 1 routine hearing exam every 12 months.
  • Fitting evaluation for a hearing aid(s).
  • $750 allowance toward a hearing device(s) every year.


  • $25 Exam copay – once every year.
  • $25 lens copay – once every year.
  • $100 allowance for frames – every 24 months.
  • $100 allowance for contact lenses – every 12 months, in lieu of eyeglass lenses.

Nurseline (Included)  – Provides access to a registered nurse 24/7.

Some companies have preferable rates other do not.  With Medicare Supplement plans, typically there is no reason to pay more for a plan, because you are not going to receive any additional benefits with a higher premium.

Companies you will want to compare are: Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net, UnitedHealthcare and and Aetna. These are a few of the most competitive companies in Long Beach along with most of the Southern California area.

Medicare Supplement Rates

In Long Beach, Medicare members have plenty of choices when it comes to plans.  Other Medicare Supplement companies, Medicare Advantage plans or even staying on Original Medicare only.  But remember, you can’t find a better plan then a Medicare Supplement for access to different doctors and hospitals, along with the most comprehensive coverage levels.

As a Medicare Supplement member you are free to seek care in any of these Long Beach Hospitals … Long Beach Hospitals … Long Beach Memorial  –  Community Hospital of Long Beach  –  St Mary’s Medical Center  –  Pacific Hospital of Long Beach  –  Redgate Hospital  –  Surgery Center of Long Beach  –  Children’s Hospital  –  Charter Hospital  –  Millers Children’s Hospital  –  California Rehab & Sports Therapy  –  California Pools of Hope Inc.

Your Choice of Doctors … If you want to see a doctor out of the area, make the appointment. With a Medicare Supplement you can see any doctor, specialist or hospital who is Medicare-Approved, anywhere in the U.S.

So if you live in Long Beach and want to see a specialist or hospital in Las Vegas, or Cincinnati, or Miami, and they accept Medicare, you simply make an appointment and go, it’s that easy.  No more worrying about network doctors or hospitals, or referrals.

Medicare + Medicare Supplement + Part D

If a person has a Medicare Supplement policy, there are typically three parts to their insurance package:

  • First there is Original Medicare, which consists of Hospital coverage (Part A), and Outpatient coverage (Part B).  This alone provides pretty good coverage although you will have to pay for hospital and outpatient deductibles, coinsurance and 20% of all outpatient costs.  These charges can pile up in a hurry.
  • The second part of this equation is to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, which typically pays the deductibles and other ‘out of pocket’ expenses which Medicare does not pay for.  Medicare Supplement plans are “letter” plans; Plan C, Plan G, Plan F  and several others.  Each provides a different level of coverage.  Plan F for example is 100% coverage, you don’t pay when you go to a doctor or hospital.
  • The third part, is the Medicare Drug plan, which is called Part D.  These plans help cover your prescription drug costs.  Most people mix-n-match their Part D Rx plan with their Medicare Supplement plan.  Go with the plan which best pays for your medications.  You don’t have to enroll in the same company as your Medicare Supplement.

All Part D plans are “County Specific” meaning, they are the same through out each county, and can be very different from each other in other Counties.  Also, if you live in Long Beach, you much only enroll in the plans which are available in Long Beach or Los Angeles County.

Remember, you can change Medicare Supplement companies anytime of the year.  You don’t have to wait for January or any other part the the year to change.  Don’t wait, save money today by switching to a lower priced company with the same plan.

Travel Insurance  –  Medicare does not provide coverage outside the U.S.

Please call or email anytime with questions.

John Conner

John Conner

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