Fresno Medicare Supplement Rates

Fresno Medicare Supplement rates usually encompass the entire Fresno and Madera Counties, and much of the rural areas surrounding these counties.  Rates are usually lower than other parts of California simply because of the smaller population and better claims ratios.

New “Innovative” Medicare Supplement Plans:

Include Vision & Hearing Benefits:

Be sure to compare the new Anthem Medicare Supplement “Innovative” Plan F.  This new plan is identical to the traditional plan F but it also includes “hearing” and “vision” benefits at no additional cost.  Also the monthly premiums are less then before. Click here for info.

With community hospitals such as; Fresno Community hospital, St. Agnes, Fresno Heart and Surgical, Children’s Hospital in Madera, Community Medical Centers and many other medical resources within a short distance.  And those folks on TriCare, there are also the Fresno VA hospital on Clinton Avenue in Fresno.

Remember as a Medicare Supplement policy holder, you are able to see any physician, hospital and specialist, who accepts Medicare, anywhere in the US.

  • Fresno Medicare Supplement Rates

Currently the most competitive Fresno Medicare Supplement companies are; Anthem, Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha and Health Net.  All are very competitive with their rates and extremely easy to deal with regarding customer service.  You may want to compare other companies such as Health Net.

Plan F is the most comprehensive, although you should also compare plans G and N.  All three offering excellent coverage for your medical care.  Medicare Supplement Plan N is also causing some excitement, simply because of the low rates compared to Plan F, along with very attractive coverage.

Medicare Advantage HMO & PPO Plans … If you would like to compare rates and benefits with Medicare Advantage plans, you will find mostly HMO style plans, although there are several California counties which offer Medicare Advantage PPO plans. The majority of Medicare Advantage plans include the Medicare Part D Rx coverage.

Medicare Part D Rx plans … Medicare Supplement plans to NOT include Rx coverage, so you will need to add a Medicare Part D Rx plan to help pay your prescription costs. Fresno County has approximately 30 Part D plans to choose from.  If you need help comparing plans and finding the right plan for your medication list.  I can help there also.  Just give me a call.

Enrolling is Simple … Please contact me for the appropriate enrollment form.  I’ll walk you right through it.  When finished please fax back to me and I’ll do the rest, to make sure the process is quick and accurate.

No Cost Help … I work with nationally recognized insurance companies to give you the quality, affordable insurance you’re looking for. I will never spam you or share you name, email or phone with anyone. Best of all, my assistance is no cost to you.

Anthem Dental (Over age 65)

When seeing an Anthem in-network dentist you will enjoy a 25% to 40% savings right off the top because of the contracted fees, before the insurance coverage pays the next 50% or 80%.

These savings are also available during waiting periods, when you’ve gone over your yearly limit or when you’ve used up your benefits.  Your dental costs will also be reduced even more with the plan insurance coverage.  Along with over 87,000 contracted dental offices nationwide.

Anthem Extras Dental & Vision (ages 65 & up)  –  Brochure   –  Application

If you would like me to email the current Medicare Supplement rates to you, I’ll be happy to.  Feel free to contact me anytime.

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