Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan N Sacramento

Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan N in Sacramento (County) is quickly becoming a very popular plan of choice. The Blue Shield monthly premium is hard to beat, and only a $233 annual deductible with a $20 copay provides great all around coverage.

Some plans pay the deductibles and coinsurance which a Medicare beneficiary is responsible for.  Plan N has been created to address the changing health care needs of our Boomers.

Plan N:

  • $20 copay for all outpatient visits.
  • $233 Medicare Part B deductible.
  • Emergency Room – $50 copay.
  • Excess Charges.
  • 100% coverage for Part A (Hospital) coverage.

The Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan N is more affordable as it requires clients to share the cost of their treatment, much like a Medicare Advantage plan (Medicare HMO).  Unlike a Medicare Advantage plan however, Plan N has no network restrictions and a much lower out-of-pocket costs.

Plan N is different from what is traditionally expected from a Medicare Supplement plan, these new benefit changes now make Medigap much more accessible to lower income seniors and more attractive to those who would not otherwise see the need for one.

Currently, there are 5 different types of Medicare Supplement plans; Plan A, F, F Extra and N.  Each different plan offers a unique set of benefits.  All plans will have a hospice care benefit added to them.  Also, Plan G will provide 100 percent coverage for excess charges, it currently covers 80 percent for such charges.

Plan N offers lower premiums and cost sharing options such as co-pays and deductibles, Medicare Supplement Plan N should be an excellent option for people on Medicare, particularly those who do not mind paying co-pays.

Like all medicare supplement policies, with Plan N you have access to any doctor, hospital or facility that accepts Medicare.  It doesn’t matter who your secondary coverage (medicare supplement) is with.  It they accept medicare and their practice is accepting new patients, make the appointment, it’s that easy.

And remember, you can go across state lines, since there is not any networks to fuss with, if you wish to see a doctor or hospital in another state, that is your prerogative.

I’m here to help, so please feel free to call (916-682-1117) anytime regarding the new Medicare Supplement plan N or any other plan of your choice.

John Conner

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