Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan G Rates

Blue Shield now offers Medicare Supplement plan G along with the other very popular plans F and N.

Plan G will be the most comprehensive medicare supplement available for new enrollments, since Plan F will no longer be available for new enrollment.

Plan G has a $233 annual deductible.  After this deductible is satisfied, the plan pays 100% for the balance of the year for medicare approved services.  In other words, you could have a heart transplant and you will only need to pay the $233 deductible.

If you are currently with another company medicare supplement plan you may be able to switch to Blue Shield at anytime without being required to answer any health questions, and regardless of your current health status. This guaranteed transfer is available through the end of 2020.

Don’t forget the Rx coverage.  Medicare Supplement policies do not include the medicare Part D Rx plan coverage.  Most counties have at least 25 different plans to choose from, and it’s important to match up the best plan and company with your medication list.  There is a massive difference between the different plans and you will want to compare all of the twenty five plans before you choose.  If you would like help with the comparison, please let me know, I’ll be happy to run the comparison for you.

This will give you a better understanding of how the Medicare Part D Rx plans work .. click here.

Dental …

  • $46.66 per month
  • $1,250 annual benefit
  • Two free cleanings per year – 100% coverage
  • Cavities / Fillings – 80% coverage
  • Root Canals, Bridges, Crowns, Dentures, Extractions – 50% coverage.
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Best of all, receive a 25% to 40% discount on covered services when seeing one of the contracted dentists in the Blue Shield PPO network.

Coverage & Access

Why do people purchase medicare supplement policies?  2 reasons:

  1. Coverage second to none.  Plan F provides 100% coverage and Plan G only has a small $233 deductible to satisfy.
  2. The second reason is you have “Access” to any doctor and hospital in the U.S. who accepts Medicare.  Receive care from doctors outside of your county, state and even across the country.

The three most popular Blue Shield medicare supplement plans are; Plans F, G and N.

  • Plan F provides 100% coverage
  • Plan G has the $233 deductible then 100% after is has been paid.
  • Plan N also has the $233 deductible and it includes a $20 office copay.

Silver Sneakers Fitness program is also included with all Blue Shield medicare supplement policies.

And don’t forget about the “New to Medicare Discount” of $25 per month for the first 12 months of your policy.  If you are new to Medicare Part B, you will enjoy a reduced premium by $25 for 12 months.  Not all plans allow the discount.

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