Blue Shield California Medicare Supplement Plan N

Blue Shield of California Medicare Supplement Plan N is quickly becoming one of the most popular Medigap plans across California.

Remember, the difference between the most popular Plan F and Plan N is; Plan N does not pay the Medicare Part B annual deductible of $203, then you will have a $20 outpatient copay.  Emergency room also has a $50 copay.

Also, the Blue Shield Plan N along with all Plan N’s does not cover Medicare Part B “Excess Charges.”  Read more about them here.

If you are in a situation where you see a doctor, specialist or physical therapist often, Plan N may not be for you.  If you frequent the doctors office, the $20 copays can add up.  If you only have visits a couple times a month, then the N may be just what you need.

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Inpatient Hospitalization in Los Angeles provides 100% coverage with Plan N.  So your only out of pocket expenses will be with your outpatient visits and emergency room care.

All Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans throughout California provide unlimited “access to care.”  Any doctor, specialist, hospital, medical equipment store, assisted living etc., that accepts Medicare.  Close to 95% of all providers, nationwide.  No networks to fuss with and no need to see if the Dr office accepts Blue Shield.  If they accept Medicare, that is all you need to be concerned with.

Blue Shield of California Medicare Supplement Plans:

Plan A is our basic Medicare Supplement Plan. It includes Medicare Part A and B copayments, coinsurance and more.

Plan G includes coverage for Medicare Part A deductibles, copayments and coinsurance; plus skilled nursing facility care, foreign travel emergencies and more.

Plan F Extra  has the same benefits as Plan F and also includes Vision and Hearing benefits. Plan F has no plan deductible.

Plan N you would be responsible for paying up to a $20 copayment for office visits and up to a $50 copayment for visits to the emergency room after the Part B annual deductible.

New to Medicare Discount ($300):

New to Medicare? Then we want to welcome you. You can save $25 each month on your Medicare Supplement Plan rates if you’re new to Medicare Part B. Blue Shield of California offers a $25 savings1 each month for 12 months on your Medicare Supplement Plan rates.


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Medicare Part D Rx plans You will also need to enroll in a separate Medicare part D Rx plan, which will help you pay for your prescription costs.  In Los Angeles County, there are typically 30 Medicare Part D plans to choose from.  A good place to start your search is right here.

Email a list of your current medications along with the dosage and frequency.  I’ll will research, and provide you the top 3 plans for your prescription list.  The results will show the best three plans for coverage and cost for your medications.  I will then email the results to you.

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