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Anthem Medicare Supplement plans in Roseville and Rocklin CA typically have the same rates as other Northern California cities like Sacramento, Elk Grove and even the Bay Area Counties. Even though both Roseville and Rocklin are in Placer County, most Medicare Supplement companies will group them together with most of the other cities in Placer, El Dorado and Sacramento Counties.

Who are the hot Medicare Supplement companies in Roseville, Rocklin and all of Placer County?  You will want to compare Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare.  Age groups will differ in premium and also your choice of Plan.  For example, Plan F will be priced higher than Plan G or N.

Both Anthem and Health Net are both offering Innovative Plan F which includes Vision and Hearing coverage at no extra cost.


If you are new to Medicare, both Anthem and Blue Shield of California offer a “New to Medicare Discount.” which is $20 per month.  Anthem’s discount is also $25 per month and Blue Shield’s is $25.  All three offer the discount for the first 12 months you are on Medicare.  After the twelve months the discount is removed. But it is still a very nice savings, and should be considered if you are new to Medicare.


If you are looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan and you reside in Roseville, or any where in Placer County, there are currently 7 HMO plans available.  There are no longer any Medicare Advantage PPO’s in Placer County.  If you desire freedom of choice with your doctors and hospitals then a Medicare Supplement will serve you much better because of the access to care with a Medigap plan.  See the plans.


Don’t forget about the Medicare Part D Rx plan to help with the cost of your prescriptions.  There are 30 Part D plans currently available for Roseville and Ricklin residents in Placer County.

If you need assistance with finding the best plan for your list of meds, simply contact me and I can enter your drug list for you, and give you the results.  I do not contract with any of the Part D Rx companies, but I help my clients with the comparisons when they are new to Medicare and also each open enrollment.  I’m happy to help, or click here.


Part D Rx has an annual open enrollment every year from October 15 through December 7.  This gives you an opportunity to view any changes to your own plan for the upcoming year, and also to compare other company plans.

I highly recommend everyone with a Part D plan to at least do a quick annual comparison.  If you need help with this please contact me.


if you wish to seek care in other areas or be seen by certain doctors outside of Roseville, Rocklin or even Placer County, or for that matter other parts of California or other states, you can!!

With a Medicare Supplement you are able to see any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare, that’s nearly 93% of all providers.  If you wish to have surgery, treatment or other services at a particular hospital.  You can receive the services at any hospital nationwide, as long as they accept Medicare.

Access to care is one of the primary reasons a person will choose a Medicare Supplement policy over a Medicare Advantage.  Freedom of choice along with excellent coverage.  Medicare Supplement policies are hard to beat.

Anthem Dental PPO:  Brochure &  Application

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