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Anthem Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates in the Los Angeles area … Los Angeles is a very large and highly populated area, which means there are plenty of Medicare Supplement companies competing for your business.

“Innovative” Medicare Supplement Plan F

Includes Vision and Hearing plans at no additional cost.  Be sure to compare the new Anthem Medicare Supplement “Innovative” Plan F.  This new plan is identical to the traditional plan F but it also includes “hearing” and “vision” benefits.  Also the monthly premiums are less then before. Click here for info.

If you are new to Medicare or are an existing Medicare beneficiary living in the Los Angeles area, and looking for a Medicare Supplement plan, you may want to look at the Anthem Medicare Supplement rates for Los Angeles simply because of how competitive they are in this area.

SILVER SNEAKERS fitness program is now included in all Anthem Medicare Supplement policies at no additional cost.  To find a Silver Sneakers gym near you simply go to the Silver Sneakers website:

The Los Angeles area tends to be a bit higher then other parts of California although compared to other companies, in most cases Anthem is the leader.  Also, Anthem Medicare Supplement plans only have one rate, while some companies will offer a “New Customer” rate along with an “Existing Customer” rate which is generally higher then the “New” rates.

Most areas of Los Angeles will be the same, although certain parts of the County may provide a different rate.  Below are the Major Areas of Los Angeles County:

  • East: Eastside, San Gabriel Valley, Pomona Valley
  • West: Westside, Beach Cities
  • South: South Bay, Palos Verdes Penninsula, South Los Angeles, Gateway Cities
  • North: San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley
  • Central: Downtown Los Angeles, Mid Wilshire

Anthem’s Senior plans (Medicare Supplement) have always been very stable when it comes to rate adjustments in California along with their other States.  Plus if a California Medicare Supplement company falls out of favor with you, simply use the “Birthday Rule” and move to a different company on the month of your birthday.

If you wish to compare Medicare Advantage plans you can do that here.

Whether you live in Santa Monica, Burbank, San Fernando Valley or any other part of Los Angeles County, give Anthem Medicare Supplement plans a try.  Anthem is very easy to work with.  Their member services make changes quickly and accurately when requested.

New enrollments usually only take a couple weeks to process your application and mail the new ID card and policy.  They have optional Dental, Vision and Silver Sneakers plans to fit your needs.  And their rates are some of the lowest available.


When seeing an Anthem in-network dentist you will enjoy a 25% to 40% savings right off the top because of the contracted fees, before the insurance coverage pays the next 50% or 80%.

These savings are also available during waiting periods, when you’ve gone over your yearly limit or when you’ve used up your benefits.  Your dental costs will also be reduced even more with the plan insurance coverage.  Along with over 87,000 contracted dental offices nationwide.

Anthem Extras Dental & Vision  –  Brochure   –  Application

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