Aetna Medicare Supplement Rates in California

Aetna Medicare Supplement plan and Rates in California have some of the most competitive premiums available.  Along with 32 other states Aetna is quickly becoming a Medicare Supplement carrier of choice for millions of Medicare beneficiaries who are turning 65 or shopping for a lower price for their current plan.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Rates


  • Plan G = $226 deductible, then 100% coverage.
  • Plan N = $226 deductible, then $20 copay for outpatient visits.
  • Both provide 100% coverage for Inpatient Hospital services.

ENROLL — If you currently have a California Medicare Supplement with a different company, you may want to compare the monthly premiums with the new Aetna rates.  If you like what you see, switching companies is easy.  Simply call me at: 916-682-1117, I can take most of your information over the phone. I only need a couple signatures.

The processing time typically takes a week or two.  Once complete your ID cards and policy will arrive in your mail about a week after completion.

BIRTHDAY RULE … If you “switch” companies during the month of your birthday, the acceptance guaranteed, as long as the plan being requested is has the same or less benefits.  If your benefits increase, Aetna, or any California Medicare Supplement company will review your current health status, and will either approve your application or decline it.

Anthem  –  Blue Shield  –  UnitedHealthcare  –  Aetna  –  Health Net

Aetna offers Medicare Supplement plans F, G and N.  Plan F is by far the most popular of the twelve Federally Standardized plans.  So if your current company is raising rates and you are not near your birthday, give it a try and apply anyways, what do you have to loose.  Most likely Aetna will accept you as is without having to wait for your birthday month.

The Medicare Supplement market is constantly in flux.  Carriers are adjusting rates at different times of the year.  With most companies you will have a 12 month rate guarantee, including Aetna.

  • 2023 Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO & HMO plans are  now available.
  • PART D RX  –  You will also need a Medicare Part D Rx plan to help with your prescription costs (click here for more info)

Enrolling is easy!  An enrollment form needs to be completed (I can take most of your information over the phone).  So fee free to contact me anytime for the most up to date rate comparison.  I’ll be happy do discuss the plans in more detail, and find you the plan which fits your unique needs.

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