San Francisco Medicare Supplement Rates

If you are looking for a Medicare Supplement plan and live in San Francisco, there are plenty of quality companies to go around.

The current popular companies are; Anthem, Blue Shield of California, Health Net and Aetna.

All offering competitive rates for the different age groups through out San Francisco and the surrounding counties.

Medicare Supplement Rates …

Click Here to start comparing the different company rates today.  Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most popular with Plans G and N close behind.

From Hunters Point, out to Broadmoor up to Crissy Field and back over to North Beach and everywhere in between, you’re covered.  Not only are you covered in San Francisco, you are covered by every doctor, specialist and hospital who accepts Medicare nationwide.

The right Medicare Supplement plan can make your life so much easier in regards to your medical care, which also includes access to care.  Beaing able to go to the doctors, medical groups and hospitals of your choice is so important when choosing care.

and having to paying for it.  Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California are two of the most competitively priced San Francisco Medicare Supplement (Medigap) companies for Plan F.

San Francisco area Medicare Supplement plans are “Federally Standardized”

meaning each company which offers a Medigap Plan F, for example, must all have the same benefits and plan structure.  The only different with the plan is the monthly premium.
Each company chooses how to price a particular Medicare Supplement plan depending on the State, County, Zip code and the age of the person.  Some companies will also provide ‘tobacco’ rates which are higher than the typical rate for that age group.

Be aware that Medicare Supplement rates can be quite different depending on the company providing the coverage.  It’s best to compare to make sure you are insured by a company which offers competitive rates.

With Hospitals such as, St. Mary’s Hospital, San Francisco General, Chinese Hospital, UCSF, Mt. Zion, Seton Medical Center and many other providers to choose from.  Remember as a Medicare Supplement policy holder, you are entitled to see any physician, hospital or specialist in the United States who accept Medicare.  Don’t forget others in the area such as; Alta Bates in Oakland, Stanford down the peninsula, El Camino, Alameda Hospital, O’Connor, Santa Clara Valley, Mills Peninsula and Sequoia.

Enrolling in one of these plans is easy.

There is a simple enrollment form which is to be completed whether you are in open enrollment or anytime of the year.

Complete the enrollment form, fax it back to me, and I’ll do the rest to make sure your policy is issued correctly and the date you desire.

Medicare Supplement payments are usually with monthly bank draft, or quarterly billing.  Social Security account deductions are not available with Medicare Supplement policies like they are with Medicare Advantage and Part D Rx plans.

California residents have two guaranteed issue times.  They have the Open Enrollment which is for people who are turning 65 or new to Medicare Part B coverage, in which case they have three months prior to their Part B coverage starting and three months after, to choose and enroll into a Medigap plan.

During this time your enrollment and acceptance is guaranteed, regardless of your current or previous health status.  California residents also have the “Birthday Rule” which is also a guaranteed issue event.  This allow you to change companies each year on the month of your birthday.  So if a company you choose falls out of favor with you, for whatever reason, you can switch companies during your birthday month, guaranteed.

Questions? Please contact me anytime.

John Conner

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