Medicare Supplement Plan G F N in San Francisco

A leader in the Medicare industry, Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement plans in San Francisco not only provides excellent rates they also offer easy, quick and accurate customer services for their members.

In certain areas Anthem is more competitive than others, and in the San Francisco area, they are hard to beat.


Be sure to compare the new Anthem Medicare Supplement “Innovative” Plan F.  This new plan is identical to the traditional plan F but it also includes “hearing” and “vision” benefits at no additional cost.  Also the monthly premiums are less then before. Click here for info.

If you are looking for a low-priced Medicare Advantage plan, I recommend either Anthem or Blue Shield in San Francisco. Both have some of the largest HMO networks of doctors of any Medicare Advantage plan in SF. Medicare Advantage Plans

San Francisco Hospitals If you live in the San Francisco area, you will want to make sure whatever Medicare plan you choose, that it accepts services from the following hospitals: UCSF – San Francisco, John Muir – Walnut Creek, Alta Bates – Berkley, Washington Hospital – Fremont, Sequoia Hospital – Redwood City, Valley Care – Pleasanton, Mills, Burlingame, Seton – Daly City, Stanford – Palo Alto.  There are others but this is a pretty good list.

There is nothing better than a Medicare Supplement for access to doctors and hospitals. If they accept Medicare, your policy will pay, it’s that easy.  Over 95% of all doctors and hospitals accept medicare.  No networks to worry about and you don’t need a referral from a primary care doctor.

Also, you can enroll anytime of the year, no need to wait for any open-enrollment.  Simply complete the enrollment form and wait for the correspondence.  Each company will ask about your health history and what medication you take.  Medical underwriting is the process each company goes through when processing applications.  Call me so we can discuss this in more detail.  Also, I can walk you through this process.

Medicare Supplement Rates Cover the gaps and deductibles Medicare does not cover?  A Medicare Supplement plan could very well be the right choice.  Remember your Medicare Part A deductible is $1,556 per every 60 benefit period.  You could potentially have to pay the $1,556 deductible six times in one year.  Plus your part B deductible is $233 plus 20% for doctor and outpatient services, with no out of pocket maximum.

A Medicare Supplement plan F for example, covers all of your deductibles, co-insurance (20%) and other out of pocket expenses you incur throughout the year.  Compare the different Medicare Supplement company rates right here.

Medicare Part D Rx plans … If you choose a Medicare Supplement policy, you will also need to enroll in a Part D Rx plan to help with your prescription costs.  Medicare Supplement policies do not include the Part D coverage.  You can email me you medication list and I will run the comparison for you and then forward it to you, which shows the top three part D Rx plan or your medication list.


When seeing an Anthem in-network dentist you will enjoy a 25% to 40% savings right off the top because of the contracted fees, before the insurance coverage pays the next 50% or 80%.

These savings are also available during waiting periods, when you’ve gone over your yearly limit or when you’ve used up your benefits.  Your dental costs will also be reduced even more with the plan insurance coverage.  Along with over 87,000 contracted dental offices nationwide.

Anthem Extras Dental & Vision (ages 65 & up)  –  Brochure   –  Application

Questions?  Please contact me anytime.

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