El Dorado County Medicare Supplement

For residents in El Dorado County who are on Medicare, your Medicare Supplement choices are excellent, and your Medicare Advantage choices are quite poor.  Dozens of Medicare Supplement companies offering all of the popular Medigap plans.  On the other hand there are only two HMO Medicare Advantage plans for El Dorado County.

If freedom of choice of doctors is your preference, you will want to look at Medicare Supplement plans and rates in your area.

Medicare Supplement Rates in El Dorado County … Click here

El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Placerville, Pollock Pines and South Lake Tahoe all enjoy very good rates for Medicare Supplement plans.  El Dorado County happens to be a very low Medicare “Claims” area compared to other parts of the state.  Particularly southern California.

If you are new to Medicare be sure to compare both Anthem and Blue Shield Medicare Supplement rates.  Both companies offer a $25 per month “New Member Discount.”

Medicare Part D Rx plans …

Don’t forget the Medicare Part D Rx plans to help cover you prescription needs. More info is here.  There are typically 30 different Part D Rx plans per county, and most Medicare Supplement members with Mix-N-Match with their drug plan.  Choose the plans which best pays and works with your current list of medications.

The best place to look is the Medicare.gov website. This site will show you all the available plans in El Dorado County, and how each plan pays for your Medications. Or, call me and I can do this for you, and show you which plan will work best with your medication list.

Foothill Living …

If you live in the foothills, you can see any Medicare doctor in El Dorado County, Nevada County, Placer and Sacramento Counties.  You are actually able to see anyone in any City, County or State who accepts medicare.  Now that’s freedom of choice.

Why people buy Medicare Supplements

  1. Great access … see any medicare doctor in the U.S. who accepts medicare.
  2. Great Coverage.  Each Medicare Supplement plan offers a different level of coverage.  Plan F for example provides 100 coverage for medicare approved services.

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John Conner

John Conner

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