2023 Blue Shield of California 65 Plus HMO

Blue Shield Medicare Supplement

The 2023 Blue Shield 65 Plus, Inspire and Optimum HMO Medicare Advantage plans in California, you get a health plan with a 4-Star quality rating from CMS with no monthly premium – and that’s just the start.

Call me after October 1, that is when I will have access to all Medicare Advantage companies and plans through out California. Or check back here, I should have the information online.

Below is a brief snapshot of the different Blue Shield 65 Plus plan in the available California Counties.  Please scroll down to view the different county benefits.

2023 Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan in California:

Los Angeles County:  65 Plus65 Plus Plan 2EnhancedBalanceOptimumInspire

Orange County:  65 Plus65 Plus Plan 2EnhancedInspireOptimumSelect PPO

Sacramento County:  Inspire HMO

Riverside County:  65 Plus65 Plus Choice

San Diego County:  65 PlusOptimumSelect PPO

Santa Clara County:  Inspire HMO

San Joaquin County:  Inspire HMO

Stanislaus County:  Inspire HMO

Merced County:  Inspire HMO

San Bernardino County:  65 Plus65 Plus Choice

Kern County:  65 Plus

Fresno County:  Inspire HMO

Depending on the county, Blue Shield has a few different plans including;  65 Plus plan, Inspire and Optimum.

  • $0 plan premiums.
  • $0 copay for X-rays and basic lab services.
  • Low or no copay for primary care doctor visits.
  • Prescription drug coverage included (Part D).
  • Dental, Vision and hearing coverage in most counties.
  • SilverSneakers health club membership is Included at no additional cost.
  • Optional – comprehensive dental for only $12.60 (HMO), or $37.90 (PPO) per month.


  • Acupuncture and Chiropractic
  • Eyeglass allowance and hearing exams and services.
  • Doctors on Call 24/7 by phone or video and Nurse Help line 24/7.
  • SilverSneakers fitness program.
  • A large network of primary care physicians and specialists to choose from.
  • Thousands of prescription drugs covered
  • A not-for-profit company with a dedicated Member Services team.

Doctor on Call 24/7 by phone or video   –   Part D Prescriptions   –   Vision Benefits   –   Hearing Benefits
Preventive Services   –   Silver Sneakers

Coverage you can count on … All the benefits you need at a price you can afford.  A network of thousands of qualified providers.  A member satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5.  And a 70 year history of serving California.  You can trust Blue Shield.

  • If you have any doctors or hospitals you would like me to check if they are in the Blue Shield network, just email me the name and address, I’ll be happy to check for you.

A commitment to do the right thing … Fairness, equality, compassion, accountability.  These are the values you grew up with and still hold dear.  At Blue Shield, we share those values.  We are a leading voice for making affordable, quality care available to everyone.  We’ve been named on of the worlds most ethical companies.

Most importantly, we are not-for-profit.  Blue Shield pledges to limit its net income to 2% of revenue and invests the rest back into helping improve the quality of care in local communities and making access to care more affordable.

5 reasons to get a Blue Shield Medicare Advantage HMO plan:
  1. Pay no monthly plan premium, no plan deductible, and no or low copayments for many services.  There’s no monthly plan premium, no plan deductible, and no copays for basic X-rays and lab services.  There are also no or low copays for office visits to your primary care physician and for outpatient surgeries performed at an ambulatory surgery center.
  2. Benefit from out comprehensive drug coverage … You’ll have Part D prescription drug coverage for generic and brand-name drugs and you can also get a three month supply of your prescriptions for the price of two by mail order and through our network of preferred pharmacies.
  3. Take advantage of our large network of physicians … We have a large network of physicians, so your doctors and specialists are more than likely to be included.
  4. Enjoy a basic health club membership through the SilverSneakers Fitness Program.  you’ll have access to a variety of participating locations across the country, including gyms, senior centers, aquatic centers and Curves.
  5. Our members love us … Our members rate our plan 4.6 out of 5 on customer service, value, easy to use and understand, access to doctors, and access to prescription drugs.
  • OTHER COMPANY PLANS:  Aetna, Anthem, Health Net, UnitedHealthcare.  Call for plan details.

To Enroll – I can take most of the information right over the phone.  OR,  Print Application  then fax to 916-258-0296 for fast processing.

No Cost Help … there is no charge for my services.  The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help with coverage options, enrollment and service.

Please contact me anytime with questions, or help with enrollment.

Blue Shield Medicare Supplement

John Conner

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