Anthem Dental Blue and Dental Prime PPO Plans

Anthem PPO Dental Prime, Dental Blue and Blue View Vision Plans for Individuals and Families.  You do not need an Anthem Health or Medicare policy to enroll in any of the Anthem Dental plans.  It is a stand-alone polcy.

Traditional PPO style dental plans work well as long as you stay within the PPO dental network.

A big advantage of seeing a contracted dentist is, from the very beginning, your overall dental costs can be reduced by 25% to 40%.  Next the amounts you owe for the services, 20% for minor services and 50% for major services, are then reduced because the overall cost is down.

With these lower contracted amounts, you are always going to pay much less then when seeing a dentist without any insurance in place.

Dental Prime for Individuals & Families (under 65)

Access to more then 29,000 dental offices in California, plus Freedom from paperwork – network dentists file claims, and there are no referrals needed.

Example of how “in-network” PPO dental services can lower your costs:

Example: John gets a crown from an out of network dentist who charges $1,200 for the service and bills Anthem for that amount.

Anthem’s maximum allowed amount for this dental service is $800. That means there will be a $400 difference, which the dentist can bill John.  Since John will also need to pay $400 which is 50% of $800, the total he’ll pay the out of network dentist is $800.

Let’s look at “in-network” costs:  

  • Dentist charge for the crown: $1,200.
  • Anthem’s contracted amount: $800.
  • Anthem pays 50%:  $400.
  • You pay 50% coinsurance of the $800 charge = $400.
  • Balance you owe the dentist: $1,200 – $800 = $400.
  • Your total cost = $400.

You’ve probably heard before that dental health is an important part of overall health. In fact, 90% of the body’s diseases first show signs and
symptoms in the mouth.

Looking for Vision Coverage?  You can also bundle the Anthem Blue View vision coverage plan along with your dental plan.

With a Blue View plan you have access to more than 36,000 eye doctors and over 27,000 locations nationwide.  So you can get your eye care and eye wear just about anywhere. You can call or go online at 1-800 CONTACTS®, visit a participating private practice eye doctor, or go in-store to LensCrafters®, Sears Optical℠, Target Optical® and JCPenney® Optical.

Anthem Extras for Anyone over age 65…

Please feel free to call anytime with questions. I will also be happy to check to see if you dentist is in the Anthem network.

John Conner

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