Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rates in Arizona

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans and rates in Arizona are being talked about quite often these days.  If you are comparing companies, rates and plans, you will want to include Mutual of Omaha in the group of companies you are looking at.

Depending on your zip code, you may be surprised how competitive the Mutual of Omaha rates are in the different areas of Arizona.  From Phoenix down to Tucson back to Mesa and Scottsdale then up to Prescott and Flagstaff, Mutual of Omaha has you covered for your Medicare Supplement needs.

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Guaranteed-Issue … Are you new to Medicare, coming off of an employer group health insurance plan, or is your Medicare Advantage plan cancelling?  These are all situations which allow for a “Guaranteed-Issue” into a Medicare Supplement plan.

In this situation you do not have to answer any of the “health questions” or “prescriptions questions” on the enrollment forms.  Your acceptance is guaranteed.  To view many of the guaranteed-issue situations, you can view them here.

Most Medigap Plans are offered … Depending on your resident state, you will find Mutual of Omaha offers most of the popular Medicare Supplement plans.  Plans F, G and N are the core plans and in some states you can add Plans B, D and M to their portfolio.  With so many of the available Medigap plans being offered, you should be more than happy to see just the right plan which fits your unique needs.

Part D Rx plans … You will also need to enroll in a separate Medicare part D Rx plan, which will help you pay for your prescription costs.  A good place to start you search is right here.

Simply email a list of your current medications along with the dosage and frequency.  I’ll enter the information into the Medicare system, to come up with the top 3 plans for your prescription list.  The results will show the best three plans for coverage and cost for your medications.  I will then email the results to you.  Here is a good place to start.

Should my doctor submit my claim to Medicare … Yes, Medicare providers (doctors & hospitals) must submit all claims (bills) direct to Medicare for you, whether Medicare is your primary or secondary insurer.  For Medicare to process a claim as a secondary payer, the provider must give your primary insurance information to Medicare.

Arizona … The state of Arizona demographics shows the state continues to grow at a very healthy rate.  The over 65 group also is moving up as a percentage of Arizona residents.  Medicare Supplement plans will continue to be a very important product for the 65 and over crowd along with the aging baby-boomers.

So when doing your homework and research regarding which company to consider, keep in mind Mutual of Omaha is an industry leader and continues to provide great service with very competitive rates.

John Conner

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