Living Outside the U.S. for 90 Days or More – International Medical

If you happen to live outside the U.S. for more than 90 days per year, you may qualify for an International Medical Insurance plan which covers you worldwide, including coverage in the U.S.

An International Medical insurance plan will most likely provide better coverage and better access to doctors and hospitals than your current Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) policy.  And depending on the state you live in, the International plan premium will typically be much less than what you are currently paying for your family health insurance plan.

Long Term International Medical Plans:

Affordable Care Act plan premiums continue to rise at a dramatic rate. Alternatives, such as an International Medical plan option may be a good opportunity for the right family situation.

U.S. Coverage:

Not all International medical insurance companies provide U.S. coverage. Some will offer only limited amounts of time allowable within the U.S.

Underwriting .. Medical Approval:

Choose a company that “underwrites” their policies before the policy is approved.  With this type of approval, the company will review your health status before providing either an approved or declined policy.  With this policy, the company pays the claims without going through the review.

Most International medical companies will underwrite at the “time of claim.”  This can be very tricky when you submit an illness or accident claim. A company can receive the claim and say, the condition was a pre-existing condition not mentioned at the time of enrollment, therefore it will not be covered.  “Claim denied.”

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage:

Make sure your policy includes “Emergency Medical Evacuation” coverage.  With some policies this is optional.  This crucial coverage will transport you to a facility that can properly care for your illness or accident.  If that means transporting you in an air ambulance to another country, or even back home for care.  Domestic health insurance will not cover International med-evac.

An example is; if you are in a rural location and an emergency strikes, though the nearest medical facility is not capable of caring for your injury. The International Medical Insurance 24 hour help line is notified, they then coordinate the proper land and air medical evacuation service to transport you to the nearest modernized facility for care, which may be in another country, continent, or back to the U.S.

90 Days:

The ninety days outside the U.S. does not have to be continuous.  As long as the total number of days adds up to 90 day, you and your family are eligible for the policy. The policy is annual renewable, meaning, at renewal as long as the premium is paid and you are outside the U.S. for at least 90 days, the policy automatically renews year after year.


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