GeoBlue Trip Protector Travel Insurance Plan

GeoBlue International Travel Insurance2020 Vacation and travel plans can change for any reason.  Savvy travelers insure their trip and their health with a policy from GeoBlue.

Finding a doctor in Marrakesh is easy, finding one that’s been to medical school … well, that’s where we come in.

Trip Protector  =  Vacation Insurance

A comprehensive plan that offers travel protection plus travel medical insurance.  Trip Protector includes medical protection, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage protection and more.  It boasts a complete set of services to help you identify, access and pay for healthcare services in 190 countries.


Why the need for Trip Protector?

Your vacation may be at risk due to illness, injury, terrorism, financial default by your tour or cruise operator, dangerous weather conditions and more.  Trip Protector covers certain non-refundable expenses should covered circumstances force you to cancel or interrupt your vacation.

During your trip you may need to see a doctor, have a prescription filled, receive care at a hospital or deal with an unexpected medical emergency.  Trip Protector also provides sickness, accident and medical evacuation benefits.

GeoBlue Trip Protector Classic Plan

GeoBlue Global Travel Medical …

A leader in helping international employees, students and travelers to identify, access and pay for quality health care anywhere in the world.

Global Health Tools …
  • Doctor search and profiles worldwide
  • Hospital profiles – Over 1,100 hospitals worldwide have agreed to accept the HTH Guarantee of Payment.
  • Proof of coverage.
  • Translation tools
  • Fill prescriptions
  • Schedule appointments
Case Study:

Location: Vietnam
Symptom: Abdominal Pain
Outcome: Evacuation to Thailand.

  • Clinic services in Vietnam: $1,788.00
  • Air Evacuation to Bangkok: $45,000
  • Hospital care in Thailand: $28,523.00
  • Patient and non-medical escort: $11,232.00
  • Total costs: $86,543.00
  • Member expense: Plan premium.

What good is insurance if you can’t find a doctor you can trust?  HTH worldwide provides unsurpassed service and the convenience of mobile technology ti access the best medical care no matter what town, country or time zone.

Pre-Existing Conditions …

No waiting periods … Pre Existing conditions are covered for the medical portion of the GeoBlue TripProtector.  Members must be enrolled in a primary health plan to be eligible.  A primary health plan includes; Medicare, an individual or family health insurance plan and an employer group health policy.  See the brochure for details.

Remember Pre-Existing health conditions are covered if you purchase the Trip-Protector Classic 14 days before initial vacation deposit, or 21 days for the Trip-Protector Preferred.

Questions?  Call or email anytime.

John Conner 


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