Cigna International Medical Insurance in France

Cigna Global for anyone needing a Long-Term International Medical insurance policy for France.  There are several requirement you need to be aware of to satisfy your Schengen visa.

Travel and vacation visa’s are difficult to come by if you wish to stay longer than 90 days.  But if your stay is for employment, the work visa will allow your long term work stay in France.

Long-Term Work Visa:

If you’re planning on working for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a long-stay visa, which also acts as your residence permit.  With the approved visa, family members can also accompany you during your long term stay.

The EU Blue Card is for highly skilled workers. This is a one to three year work visa which can be renewable.  After five years, you’re eligible for the renewable, 10-year, long-term EC residence card. Family members can get a private and family life residence permit, allowing them to work and after five years, they too are eligible for the long-term EC resident card.


France medical insurance requirement:

Along with other required documents needed to get a Schengen visa, all applicants have to present a medical insurance policy valid for the 27 European country Schengen territory.

A letter from your insurance company is required. This letter has to mention that you will be covered in Europe for any medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses during your whole stay.

Cigna Global and GeoBlue both meet the Schengen visa coverage requirements.

The Cigna international medical coverage travels with you wherever you may be. While in France, your work assignment may take you to other European countries.  Weekend trips outside of France or extended vacations anywhere worldwide.  With Cigna, you’re covered!

24/7/365 Help ..

With access to 24/7/365 member help line, to assist you with an emergency, finding a doctor, locating a facility, or any other situation you may be in while outside of your home country.

Mobile App ..

You can also use the Cigna mobile app on your phone or tablet. This excellent tool is the most convenient way to access the best local doctors, hospitals and resources:

Search providers and request an appointment.  Find medication availability, translate medical terms and phrases and use the audio feature to play translation as necessary.  View your ID card and fax a copy directly to doctors to confirm eligibility.


When your employees are outside the U.S., who do they call when a medical issue strikes?  Their Human Resources (HR) department may not be available, the insurance company isn’t open at night or on weekends.

What happens if the illness or injury occures on a Friday evening, does the employee need to wait until Monday to contact someone back home?.

Is your health insurance customer service department available in the evening or weekends?  Do they have translators available, will they tell you where the nearest hospital is, will they coordinate an emergency medical evacuation.  Of course not.

For information regarding an International Medical insurance plan, group or individual, please contact me anytime.

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