Medicare Supplement Plan G in Ohio

Medicare Supplement Plan G is quickly becoming a very popular choice between Medicare Supplement Plans.

Identical to Plan F, except Plan B does not cover the Medicare Part B annual outpatient deductible of $198.  Depending on your current age, Plan G will offer a significantly lower premium than Plan F.

Be sure to compare several companies before choosing.  For example; Aetna, Anthem, Mutual of Omaha,  will most likely be some of the lowest priced Medicare Supplement plans in your area.  The Anthem plans available in Ohio as in most of the other Anthem States (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia) are; F, G and N.

Ohio Medicare Supplement Plans:

Plans; F and N provide a different level of coverage.  Original Medicare has deductibles and co-insurance for both inpatient and outpatient coverage.  Part A (Inpatient hospital) has a $1,408 ‘benefit-period deductible for each 60 day benefit period.  Medicare Part B (Outpatient) has an annual deductible of $198 and then 20% coinsurance after the deductible is satisfied (Medicare pays 80% you are responsible for 20%).


Original Medicare – The federal health insurance program available to people 65 years of age or older.  Medicare is also available to people with certain disabilities who are under age 65 and also on Medicare.

  • Part A is Hospital Insurance.  This pays for inpatient hospital stays, care in a skilled nursing facility and hospice care.
  • Part B Medical Insurance (Outpatient).  This helps pay for doctors services, outpatient hospital care, durable medical equipment and some medical services not covered by Medicare Part A.
  • Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans (Usually HMO’s and PPO’s).  Only available through private insurers contracted with Medicare.  Medicare Advantage plans are usually County specific, meaning they are available in certain counties.  Premiums can typically range from $0 to $100 per month, although most are in the $0 to $40 range.  A Medicare Advantage plan will take the place of Medicare for your health insurance needs.  Medicare is still in place but merely in the background.
  • Part D is Prescription drug coverage.  Like a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Part D is available only from private insurance companies.  Joining a Medicare Part D plan is voluntary, and you pay a monthly premium for the coverage.  You must first have Medicare Parts A and B before enrolling in a Part D Rx plan.

Anthem – Mutual of OmahaAetna

Enroll …

If you are in a “Guarantee-Issue” period or situation, you do not need to answer any of the “health history” or “prescription” questions on the application.  First you will need to print the appropriate State  Complete the application and fax it to me for processing, I’ll do the rest to make sure you receive your requested effective date and the application process is quick and accurate.  Please feel free to call me and I will walk you through the application.  The application process will usually take 1 to 2 weeks to complete.


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